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TellTale - Why haven't you commited to fixing existing problems?

posted by HonestAbe73 on - Viewed by 997 users

Source: The Walking Dead.

I initially bought this game at full price, downloaded and installed on an older machine and Steam failed to start the game every time. At that point I was able to launch the game from the .exe in SteamApps, but none of the save data was in the correct spot. I contacted both Steam and TellTale, neither of which helped me at all. Needless to say I requested a refund and bought the game for Xbox 360 and beat it (minus 500 Days).

I now have built a new machine and really want to replay the original five episodes so I can play 500 Days, but I am having the same issues with launching the game. I have Googled the issue (by the way this is about six months after the first attempt) and the internet is running rampant with the same issue, and even issues with The Wolves Among Us already (to be fair, this is to be expected in a new indie game). Honestly when registering for this site I had to clear my browser's cache because your site errored out on me and wouldn't verify my account.

TellTale - I LOVE the things you're doing with games. And I sympathize with the fact that you guys are a small indie developer, so I expect slower responses than that of AAA titles. However, if you guys have ANY loyalty to your supporters and fans, you MUST fix these issues as a priority. Being known for being glitchy is really not a good thing.

Anyway, I am currently attempting to reinstall the game and I will set the compatibility to all users Windows 98/ME as many of the other forums said and see if that works.

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