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The games and the comic (advice needed)

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I find myself faced with a dillema.

I was bored one afternoon a little while ago, and I was interested in seeing what Telltale could do since I was looking forward to Sam and Max immensely. One thing lead to another, and I have now played and beaten both episodes of Bone. So what's the problem? Well, I'm addicted, and there aren't any more episodes out.

But there is the comic the whole thing is based on. I'm anxious to find out what happens next, but I'm afraid if I read the comic the games won't hold my interest. So I'm not sure what to do; does anyone have any advice? Also, just how much and in what ways do the two differ? Thanks a lot.

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  • So far the games have been pretty faithful. I can't tell you whether or not reading the comic will make the games lest interesting for you. If you want the games to tell you what happens next then wait, but I read Bone before the games and I find it interesting and fun to see how Telltale handles adapting it to an interactive medium, and of course there's some new stuff as well so there's certainly still a sense of anticipation for what happens next. So I think there's benefits to both options.

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    I think everyone should read the comic . It shouldn't spoil the puzzles at all.

    It's a masterpeice

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    I was grappling with the same dilemma until I decided to give up grappling and just finished reading Eyes of the Storm. I say, if you want to, read the comics. If all goes well both the games and comics will end up being pillars of their respective mediums, regardless of their relationship to each other. If the games can't hold your interest just because you read the comic beforehand, they probably don't deserve your interest - unless you're some idiot who views games and comics as just some utilitarian delivery mechanism for delivering a preconstructed story, in which case your only quandary should be which hole is the most appropriate one to crawl into and die. But you wouldn't be that sort of person, would you?

    Besides, in the case of Eyes of the Storm at least, Telltale are probably going to have to change a fair bit to make it work as a game anyway.

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    Heatherlee Telltale Staff

    We definitely design the Bone games with fans of the comic in mind as well as new-comers to the series. We also try to put in little extras that don't appear in the comics.

    So it depends on your personality I guess but I don't think reading the comics will spoil anything. And they ARE super fantastic!

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    Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    I've read the Bone comics up to the point that the great cow race ends on, and I have to say they really are amazing. I've really enjoyed having the experience of both, so I guess for now I'm going to play the games and then read the comics up to that point; a compromise of sorts I suppose. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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    I was debating reading the comics, but Ive decided against it. Id prefer to find out what happens next in the story while playing.

    But once the games are all finished, which will hopefully be around never, give or take, Ill be sure to read the comics.

    And yes, I realise this thread is a month old, but its quiet around here. Too quiet.

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