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Sybil's Tattoos

posted by Sybil Pandemik on - last edited - Viewed by 893 users

I'm trying to nail what Sybil's forearm tattoos look like so I can do a decent job with my Sybil cosplay at Comic-Con. I was hoping you guys (perhaps especially y'all at TTG) could tell me if you think I've drawn it right.

Obviously this image was my main visual source. But the way the lines overlap eachother (with the spaces breaking them up) seemed inconsistent. So I modified it a little to mimic a sort of Celtic knot kind of thing. (I would do these mirror image from eachother on my arms btw.) And I *guess* the line at the bottom goes all the way around the wrist? Is there only one line because in the illustration her right wrist seems to have two bands. :confused: This is the kind of thing that's been confusing me.

Thanks! (And I'm really sorry if this is the wrong board for this.)

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