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The New Types Of Choices With Clementine

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It will be interesting to judge people if they are safe to be with or not. Im so excited.

  • I just hope they don't give us the choice to cut clems arm if she gets bitten.

  • I think the initial choices with Clementine will define how the older charatchers see you, tyou will have to be very agressive so they respecet her, or else, they will see her as a weak young girl...

  • I think there will be many choices that will force us to decide between keeping morality, and doing the logical thing. Then torward the end of the season, depending on her morality, there will be things that will happen different ways depending on if you were more moral or logical. Maybe if you make more decisions torward the moral side, the other characters may find you "weak," but if you are too logical, the other characters may find you to be cold and dangerous to be around. It would be interesting if we had to try to balance between the two, but the other characters not wanting you to be indecisive either.

  • I'm worried about how her more defined and unique personality will change the range of options in the game. With Lee, you could be cold, tough, jaded, snarky, and kind of a jerkass to people with your dialogue choices and (almost) all of them fit who he was. He was a nice guy at heart but could push himself to be a straight-up dick if he thought it was necessary. I can't say the same for Clementine.

    Lee was also a pretty angry guy at times. When he was pissed, he would let you know it. With Clem, I mean, we haven't really seen her be angry yet (I think the closest she came was during the Ben vote). I can't even imagine Clementine raising her voice very much in a confrontation.

    Then again, it has apparently been about 300 days since I last saw her. That's nearly triple the length of time that she spent with Lee. Who knows what she's been through over that period? Maybe she has changed. Hopefully not too much, though.

  • I thought all those things too, and I was kind of disapointed with that idea but now I think, people change (despite what doctor house says :P). if people want they change, so I guess Clementine could ahve changed in the time that passed, especially in a world like that, where you have to grow up faster, and like 300 days look like 2 years or something... SO I'm guessing that you can still change her personality as you want

  • You know, if she starts swearing, I'm gonna call that as her reaching puberty. (And then she'll realize that she's become a hypocrite, because she called Lee out for swearing almost every time he did.)

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