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Season 3, will it happen?

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Season 2 hasn't even came out yet and people are wondering, will there be a season 3 and to be honest I'm kind of curious too. I think it really depends on how season 2 ends I know I'm going really far fetched but I'm pretty curious. What do you think?

  • I'm sure there will be a Season 3, unless Season 2 becomes a horrible flop.

    Telltale Games has been continously developing their franchises, even niché ones. So I think we'll at least see three seasons and more if there is demand for it.

    The ending of Season 2 should not matter when it comes to this, because during a worldwide zombie apocalypse there are many other persons and locations a season could focus on.

  • Well let's see. The TV Show has already confirmed a 5th season and Season 4 has just begun. The comics have no end in sight yet they are far ahead of the show. The game can very well be the same, a never ending zombie story.

    • Exactly! If something as hideous as that TV show can have a 5th season.... I mean, of course there will be a 3rd season.

      • "something as hideous as that TV show" Can you please elaborate? I'm not trying to start an argument here, I just don't see how a high-budget, big-name, well casted, well acted, well directed, well written show with amazing makeup and cinematography could be considered "Hideous", and i'm curious.

        • for it being a "zombie show" season 2 and 3 sure lacked alot of zombies for a zombo Apocalypse. Most of the characters spend the entirety of the season turning the show into a soap opera "Oh i'm sad that my friend is dead. I'm in emotional tramua, everyone pay attention to me for 5 episodes" "You're dating him?! what the fuck?!"

          it should just get rid of thezombies entirely and just become a new soap oprea on day time televison.

          • You must be new to the walking dead universe.... The whole point of the series, comic and game is to show not zombie killing, but how humans react to an apocalypse in a struggle for survival.

            • Funny how the comics dont have the issue huh? they show struggle with sitations like limiting food resources. strugge etc. the walking dead tv show is just them bitching about average everyday life.

              Dont call me a noob to the universe just cause i insulted your little tv show.

              • My point is... well I called it hideous because comparing "it" with the comics it's way more slow-paced and soapy (as stevean2 correctly remarked). So in my opinion if an early reader of the comic book (as myself and I assume and my pal Steve) tries to watch the show his or her inmediate reaction will be that of start running and eventually throwing up.

                It's called the "Victor Frankenstein syndrome".

              • The comics dont have that issue? Are you sure you read it? The comics are just as much about relationships as the tv show is, sometimes more, since someone is always bedding someone else lol.

            • Sorry, I should have posted here, not there --- ^

        • Someone always takes an opportunity to bash the show on these forums. SMH.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    TT would be stupid if they stopped at Season 2.. TWD is pretty much a cash cow for them, some people would just buy it for the name even if the gameplay was crap.

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      So far it has not been the gameplay that has made this a good game. But I admit, I'm a sucker for TTG games, pretty much whatever they released has been an instant buy from me.

  • Maybe a good story, is a story which end ?

  • Whatever group Clementine will join in season 2, I'd like them to have long term plans for an odyssey from Georgia to the Midwestern states.

    Montana is the promised land.

    • and why not a tour around the world while your there...

      • Are you implying I'm dumb enough to wish this only for the sake of traveling ?

        Midwest has the lowest density of population (= way less zombies than anywhere else) but lots of farming structures. Also Great Plains : you could see eventual traveling zombie herds (worst case scenario) from a huge distance and have the time to prepare diversion to direct them the way you want.

        This is the best hope for survivors who want to re-create something like a society and have long term plans.

        • I think if we see clementine in the wood it is not for nothing... One think that the WD universe teach us, is that zombies can gather in herd. And the best way to conduct a herd, is to go on open area !! So big plains and all is just the biggest trap just after the town if you want a place to stay... I think that the best way is to be in trees. Also the vision is not very good, so zombie can't follow you easily. In big plains, where you can watch zombie coming, you can also be spotted by them!

  • I don't think telltale knows at this point, maybe when they're doing episode 5 of S2. I hope so tho.

  • Looks to be that future seasons will carry on with Clementine's story. Maybe Clem is immune and the key to a cure of sorts.

    Who knows, hope I didn't ruin the whole premise there :P

  • Depends on how successful season 2 is. But at this point, I don't see it being anything but.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @gimmeseason2 wrote: Depends on how successful season 2 is. But at this point, I don't see it being anything but.

    Remember, you can't just change your user name to "gimmeseason3" mid next year. ;)

  • Hold up the fun train.

    First of all, it all depends on season two's success. Season two was announced shortly right after episode two of season one was released. Considering it was sales which primarily prompted Telltale to make a sequel before the season was even out says a lot. Second of all, the story. Telltale can only keep continuing Clem's story for so long. There's got to be a point to stop in the future. I'd rather have season two end with an ending that is left to players than to butcher out another season for the reason of success.

    And this is where my opinion comes in. I didn't even want season two. I still kinda don't. But I'll play the first episode to see if it's up to my liking. I can't even fathom the idea of a season three right now. I'm sorry, but I can't.

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