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I have a horrible feeling.

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If Clementine is going to be the new protagonist of season 2, what if Telltale is going to make season 2's ending exactly like in season 1 by having a walker bitting Clementine and than she dies?

  • They won't do that. Atleast if they're smart they won't. Why put the same exact thing in Season 2? Never use the exact same thing, the sequel has to be different. Sure Clem can die, but she can't die in the way Lee, or any other character has died before. Her death has to be unique. (Hopefully she won't die though)

  • TTG are not a one trick pony. If Clem dies, it won't be the same as Lee's death.

  • But is keeping Clem alive necessarily a good idea? This is an ugly world the characters are living in, and ugly worlds tend to make normal people ugly too. If there's one thing that would destroy me more than Clem dying, it's seeing Clem turn into another Carl or Molly. (Another reason why I'm somewhat relieved Telltale chose her as the new PC. Even if the rest of the events in the game are beyond our control, shaping Clementine's personality isn't.)

    • I wouldn't mind her being another Molly or Carl. Both did not give up on their humanity. Granted, they aren't perfect, but they haven't turned into monsters. Clem isn't exactly a normal person. I don't worry about how she will end up morally.

  • Clem have to died sometime, she can't live forever in this world.

    • Well, technically speaking, we ALL have to die "sometime". How and when it happens to Clementine is still a mystery, but I hope Telltale doesn't try to pull a PSYCHO and murder Clem halfway through the third episode or something just for the sake of cheap shock value. That might have been acceptable with any other character, but for Clem, it would make the backlash to the endings of MASS EFFECT 3 look like a mid afternoon tea party.

  • Are we sure that Clementine will be the only playable character during the whole season ? All we know for sure is we get to play as her in the first episode.

    • Unless telltale wants to loose 90% of their fanbase, they will keep her alive.

      • It would be really, really sad and ridiculous if the game became hostage of a character. This is the Walking Dead, not "Clementine - The game". If we know our character can't really die no matter what (the small scenes that force you to replay a situation are no real deaths), there is no challenge.

        Why 90% by the way ? Has there been polls ? I for one loved Clem as a daughter through Lee, I became deeply attached to this girl, but that doesn't mean I couldn't accept her dying if it was done with talent or for the greater purpose of the story.

    • if we play as more then one person, they have alot of work to do or it will not be as great as season 1

  • What if clementine gets bit by Lee at the end of S2?

  • As a general rule of thumb, Clem dying in any scenario does not bode well at all for my interest in the game. Granted, I have faith that TTG will always deliver fantastic episodes and seasons regardless, but my misery does have its limits y'know.

    Besides, just because Lee and Clem are now both protagonists, does not mean that their deaths would weigh equal in the end. As I've said before, Clementine is really the heart of this game; the glimmer of hope that gives meaning to trying to survive after the world has fallen apart. If you take away the element that she provides, a large part of what makes this game great and unique disappears with it.

    • That's one of my biggest issues with the game: It's more or less restricted by what Robert Kirkman chooses to do in the comics. I mean, why should this world be victorious over Clementine? Why does she have to die one way or another? Why can't the zombie apocalypse end as suddenly as it began? Because Robert Kirkman says so, basically.

      Watch this video from 3:27 onwards, and how Kirkman states outright "This is the Walking Dead. Things are only going to get worse." If Clem's predicament is doomed to get more and more miserable with each new episode, why the hell am I even playing?

    • Shes can't be the heart of the game no more, because clem lost 3 people that she loved in one day.

  • they'll probably kill everybody else off exceat her

  • If they feel like going towards the comic book line, she won't be bitten. Just shot. Or eaten alive. Alongside her mother. Wait a minute... how was it again? Did that bitch died by walkers or by gunshot? Not Clem's mother. No no no no, she was already a walker. I mean someone else's mother and wife.

    Tsk, I read it so long ago that I actually forgot.

    The show it's worse than the comics, the comics are worse than the game. Yeah, that's my point.

  • Why do peopel come here an argue about the game being dark adn getting much worse? I mean that's the point... you want an happy ending you can go and play another game... About Clem dying I don't think that will happen (NOT BECAUSE SHE'S A KID) but because it would be too equal to season 1. I'm not guessing it will end in an happy ending, butkind of a bitter sweet ending

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