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the Penny Arcade game

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Has anyone been playing the Penny Arcade game? I'm a few hours in and enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I usually can't stand turn-based games, but the combat system they have has kept me on my toes and decidedly un-bored. Also I have been beating up mimes and collecting hobo meat--always a plus. And, not surprisingly, the writing and story are fun, especially, I imagine, if you like the comics. It's always nice to play a game that really wants to entertain me, instead of beat me over the head with how bad-ass it's trying to be.

I feel like I should say more, but that's all really. Wondering if anyone else has checked it out, and what they thought?

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    Shauntron Telltale Staff

    I got the demo, and i'm definitely going to buy the full game soon. Throughout the comics, I occasionally suspect that wonderful mythologies are just waiting to erupt from Jerry Holkins' cranium. So i'm glad he's finally had his chance to guide his existing characters in this fashion.

  • It's fun. The humour's a bit hit-or-miss for me, and I'm not really a PA fan, but I love the visual style and comparatively non-punitive gameplay.

  • I'm playing it, and I'm loving it. I skip rather quickly through some of the dialogue (I always do that in text games, so it's not really specific to this one), but the combat has been fun for me and I'm engaged in the story. I've put in about 5 hours and am afraid I'm nearing the end...

    I really enjoy turn-based combat, but I don't get too much exposure to it since I usually stick to adventure games. It's nice to have an RPG other than Final Fantasy to play. :D

  • I played it, and I greatly enjoyed it! So far, my major complaints are the price ($80 for four six-hour episodes?! Telltale offers much better value for money!) and the DRM (online activation required forever).

    About the game itself, I have relatively few complaints. It looks great, it plays smoothly, the humor in the dialogue is fantastic. The gameplay is a bit straightforward and there isn't much adventuring (as in: exploration, puzzling, et cetera) to do, but it's fun nonetheless.

    @Emily said: I skip rather quickly through some of the dialogue

    :eek: That's the best part!

  • @Soultaker said: :eek: That's the best part!

    It's funny, but at some points it starts to feel long-winded...

  • @Emily said: It's funny, but at some points it starts to feel long-winded...

    You've successfully summed up Penny Arcade.

  • I liked the game, can't wait for episode 2.

    You know, it's funny. But I really do like Penny Arcade, and yet... it's never really been hilarious to me. Sure, there's a grin now and then, but I don't find myself laughing constantly. It's the same for the game. I really like the game. Actually, I'm kindof fond of their story arc. But it's never really been "OMG that's hilarious."

  • I love Penny Arcade and I'll be purchasing this game pretty soon. I played through the demo and I really liked the narrator and combat system. I especially like how you only have to purchase one license and you can play it on Linux, Windows, and Mac. ;) I was kinda sad however that there was no voice acting for the actual characters.
    I am also kinda disappointed with the price. $20 seems like a bit much for any episodic game that isn't Half Life 2. :P

  • @dg10050 said: I was kinda sad however that there was no voice acting for the actual characters.

    It would have been a daring choice at this point to cast voices for Gabe and Tycho. Based on the hit or miss voice reads of the narrator I think they made the right choice to not go overboard with voice in the game.

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