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save game for boxing mini game?

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I started playing Season 2, Episode 1 ages ago, when it first came out and loved it - EXCEPT for the boxing mini game. After lots of frustration (yes, I know the trick. It doesn't seem to help) I just gave up and shelved it. Along with all the other Season 2 games. Which seems a shame. Has anyone got a save game they wouldn't mind sharing so I could play the rest of Season 2?

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  • You sure you are doing it right? Becuase the boxing mini game shouldn't be that hard, But anyway, I will see if I still got epsoide 1 in my hard drive.

  • I've read the walkthroughs anyway ... but yeah obviously I'm *not* doing it right am I :) I just found it really frustrating ... I suppose I would get it eventually if I kept on at it, and thats what I meant to do, but what actually happened is I never touched it again.

  • The game also gets easier every time you lose, so I would suggest keeping at it.

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    Just how far have you gotten through that minigame? I'm not sure what the "trick" to it is, since it's a pretty simple game. Try using the keyboard controls instead of the mouse (I seem to have trouble moving the mouse back to a "centered" position after dodging with it, so the next time I try to dodge I end up standing still). Punch the first rat when he raises an arm. Dodge the second rat when he raises an arm (Dodge towards the arm that is raised), then punch. The third rat is the same as the second rat (As far as beating him goes). It's a simple matter of timing, so all I can think of is that you haven't gotten the timing quite right (I.e., you dodge too soon). Try not to over-complicate it in your mind if you give it another try; I'm quite certain you can do it. Not that this'll help, if you've already researched the walkthroughs for help. Thought I'd try, though.

  • agh. I hadn't downloaded the save game yet and its disappeared. Will anyone who wants to take pity on me PM me? Otherwise ... I've paid for all of season 2 for nothing because I don't feel like wasting any more time swearing ...

  • don't you have anybody who could have a swing at the mini-game? you definitely shouldn't miss season 2 just because of it...

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    You could even skip to the next episode.

  • Yeah. You could just watch the little episode 201 movie we made that will tell you what happened so that you could just move on to 202.

  • Well, most of what happened. The Christmas Special isn't 100% accurate.

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