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TWAU Episode 2 is out this month?

posted by Hershel on - Viewed by 3.8K users

does anyone know if it will be out this month?

i heard each episode was coming monthly but i would like some confirmation.

  • No release date has been confirmed yet. Most people are GUESSING - and that's all it is, mind - that The Walking Dead will be coming out at the end of the month so it's more likely that TWAU will be at the beginning of next month, which sounds somewhat logical to me.

    But again, nothing's official, so don't take that as an actual announcement or anything.

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  • I know it's unlikely to happen but couldn't they release both games this month ? Obviously not the same day or week but one in the beginning of the month and the other at the end.Or maybe they are going to release one different game per month.

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