• That's a rather spoiler-ific thread title. I've changed it this time, but please refrain from doing things like that in the future. Thanks. Also, there's already a thread discussing this, but it's on Page 5 or something and the search feature for this place is nigh-on useless, so I'll let it slide.

    EDIT: Found said thread! Good ol' Google .

    As for your question... no. The fact that Snow White is beheaded is a critical story point and cannot be altered at all.

    That said... SERIOUSLY, SPOILERS HERE! In the comics she's alive. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS! And the game's a prequel to the comic. NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE SPOILERS! So she gets better somehow. SPOILERS ARE IN THIS PARAGRAPH!

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  • The heads may be fake... Not the real people maybe

  • The more well known fables are, the harder they are to kill.

  • The heads are pumpkins from cinderella's fairy godmother. :)

  • Jus had a cloning explanation Fable style. If the Smalltown folk can grow girls from barley corn, why couldn't some witch grow a duplicate of a Fable to mutilate?

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