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Question for telltale

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  • According to Wikipedia there will not be.

  • Ohh dear. Sad to say it but, Sam and Max has most likely has come to an end. a shame and sad for me to know but stills.....

    • The closest thing I've found is an October 30 interview on IGN, in which Kevin Bruner says:

      We love Sam & Max and certainly haven't forgotten about them! I think you'll see something smaller (more like Poker) than a full Season, and probably not for a bit, but we have NOT forgotten about them, we've just been super busy growing like crazy.

      That's not quite as final as the Wikipedia article makes it sound, but it is October rather than November.

      It would be nice if a Telltale employee could make an official statement to clear up the confusion.

      • Even with that quote it seems clear we will never see another season, just Sam & Max in Poker Night 3. In other words, fans of the franchise are out of luck, Telltale doesn't need you guys anymore -- we have zombie games now.

        • A shame really, sam and max seasons made great game,s. its just that they are very... unknown to others, maybe purrcel might get back on the comic...maybe.

          and on side note -- im terribly tired of these Zombies games, movies, comics, TV.

      • Thank you very much for posting this! Like I'd been saying in another thread, it's fantastic just to hear to some acknowledgement. Not only that, but interest! Good to know there's still a place in their increasingly-crowded stable for these two.

        (And I really hope at least one of those IPs happens to be a foray back into comedy. Nothing against the drama, just personal preference is all.)

  • Well, so long as the series doesn't die, I'll be happy. Even if they're not releasing full seasons like they did, just keeping the series going in some way is good.

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