TWD iOS – Cannot Restore [Workaround]

MattPMattP ModeratorFormer Telltale Staff

We are aware of an issue some iOS users have encountered where they are unable to Restore their prior in-app purchases using the Restore button on the Episodes Menu. We are investigating the cause of this issue and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. However, we can provide a workaround that can potentially restore prior purchases without using the Restore button or being charged a second time. Please see below for the option that pertains to your situation and follow the steps to restore any in-app purchases you’ve made.

For users who have purchased individual episodes or the new multi-pack (Episodes 2-5, with 400 Days):
Please make sure you are logged into the same account you used to make your initial purchase(s).

Download and install the base application from the iTunes App Store, then launch the game application and navigate to the Episodes Menu. Select the product you initially purchased and choose to purchase it again. You will see a message pop-up stating that you already own the content, and it will ask if you’d like to download it again. Confirm Yes and finish re-purchasing the content.

Please note, that the multi-pack and individual episodes are considered different products. If you originally purchased the multi-pack, please do not select individual episodes until after re-purchasing the multi-pack or you will be charged for these episodes.

For users who have purchased the original multi-pack (Episode 2-5 only):
Please make sure you are logged into the same account you used to make your initial purchase(s).

If the Restore button does not restore ownership of your purchase, please completely close the game application and shut down your device. Once restarted, try to Restore again. Also, please try switching to another network, especially if you have a weak connection. If the issue persists, we recommend removing the base game from your device, shut down and restart the device, then download the base game again from the App store. Lastly, while this option may not be viable for some players, you can try resetting your device to factory specifications. Please note that this will remove all installed applications, pictures, etc from your device, so please backup anything you wish to keep before attempting this option.

If after trying these suggestions you are still not able to Restore your purchase of the original multi-pack, please contact our Support Team at for further assistance.

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