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Hello everyone,

First, let me say that I recognize that many of the users and moderators on this forum will immediately see this thread as spam and move to delete it. I try to be as respectful as I can when promoting my blog on other websites, and all I ask is for your attention for a few moments.

I am ctplayer, Managing Editor of Game of the Day. Game of the Day is a new Wordpress blog which was founded on this notion: There are plenty of independent and freeware games that often get ignored because they simply haven't the advertising resources to spread their creations across the web. As a result, excellent games collect dust and talented developers get discouraged.

Game of the Day strives to highlight one freeware game each day. We'll cross all genres, from FPS to strategy to card games, to bring you something new every 24 hours. Soon, we hope to expand to build a whole community around this concept.

I hope you will come to our blog, bookmark it and pass the link onto friends!


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