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case 2- totally stuck!

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im totally stuck, noone will tell enything, i cant find enything more, even catherine dont have eny hints! and everything is shecked (v'd)

the evidence i have is:
-fibers from bedsheet
-blood from bed
-blood drops from apartment
-mineral from bullet
-bloob from phone
-shanes DNA
-Connies DNA
-fibres from connies dress
-everetts DNA
-blood from steak knife
-fibres from nicoles overcoat
-baby DNA report
-fibres from breen blouse
-luminol reaction from blouse

-photo from crime scene
-photo of cupple
-testimony implicating evrett
-photo of wounds
-pregnancy diagnosis
-ripped photo
-security photo of everett
-security photo of nicole
-enecrypted file from laptop
-printed e-mail
-prenupial agreement
-USB memory drive

-phone from apartment
-bullet from wall
-evetetts revolver
-bullet from everetts revolver
-connies gun
-bullet from connies gun
-green hankerchief
-green blouse

someone help me?
its been a while since i played because i was stuck so i dont remeber what they allredy said...
and just if it matters, im using xbox 360...

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