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Copy Protection and Crossover

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As a Mac user, I am planing on buying Sam And Max Season 1 and running it in Crossover, since I tried the free episode and it worked fantastically. (By the way, great job on it! It really sold me on buying the full package.) Reading around on this and various other forums, however, I noticed that there seems to be copy protection on it that renders the episodes that are not free completely playable under Crossover. I've also read that this can be averted by buying the Steam version, but I'd really rather not do that. Is there somewhere I can get a patch to disable the copy protection legally, or am I going to have to just get it on Steam?

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  • SecuROM is there for a reason you know, so it's not possible to disable SecuROM without breaking some laws. While some local laws might let you find a version on the internet that has copy protection disabled (Stardock's games excluded) to fix software that won't work, some local laws don't allow you.

    Steam isn't the best idea, but it certainly can't hurt.

  • I'll most likely just get the Steam version. Still, it's annoying to have to use a whole separate program in order to play. I'll live.

  • Does anyone know if the downloadable versions work using Crossover? Maybe that is a solution.

    I lent my DVD (Telltale's) of Season 1 to a friend who has a Macbook, and he played it just fine using Bootcamp to get into Windows. Some graphics were a bit stuffed up, but there was no issue with SecuROM that way. I know it's a different situation to using Crossover, but perhaps it's another option, spolvid.

  • I tried episode 4 in Crossover, and that worked fine. From what I've heard though, the others don't because of their copy protection. The Steam versions work because they have Steam's copy protection (which Steam can handle). As for Boot Camp, that really isn't an option. I really don't want to spend the money on buying Windows.

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