• It can't be Glenn or Hershel because of their comic book history It can't be Kenny because of Clementine wasn't present when he got chased off therefore has no knowledge of his death or disapperance :( It can't be Molly because Clementine never saw or thought she died she barely knew Molly and she lit up when she saw the person It can't be Lilly because of the same reasons it can't be Molly :( We all saw Lee die It would only really make sense for it to be Christa she's spent a year and a half with her and Clementine thought that she was probably killed by bandits and was worried about not being with Christa and Christa and Clementine are the only season 1 characters left and they wouldn't and/or shouldn't kill Christa off anytime soon it just wouldn't make sense


  • I kind of hope it's Christa. If Carver turns out to be an antagonist, I could see her (Christa) being held hostage. Clem doesn't seem to be looking up - more like straight ahead. If it was Christa, and she was a hostage, she could have been kneeling on the ground (if you've ever seen movies where people are hostages, most of the time, they are thrown out and land on their knees). My second guess would be Kenny, and my third guess would be Molly, because Lee shot her accidentally. I don't know how probable Lilly would be, so I highly doubt it's her.

  • Its has to be Amid as Season 2 Episode 4 is Amid the Ruins

  • By my interpretation judging by Clem's hateful tone It must be lilly, you don't see her die no matter your choice and clem would have reason to hate her because she killed carley (or doug) and i'm pretty sure she isn't the same lilly from the comics anymore. I can't think of anyone else besides kenny, molly and christa that could still be alive due to uncertain fate and clem has no reason to hate any of them(at least not in my playthrough)

  • I think it's Lilly or Kenny. But i think it's Christa. Look:

    • @Signall

      The "WIKIA", are you serious? Most of that stuff from the wikia is indeed true because most of the stuff that has "already happened" was put on the website. But people edit shit on those types of websites all the time. You'll have to do better than that. FUCK Wikia!!!

  • When did her face 'light up'?

    It looked like a mixture of shock and horror, to me.

    • @Flog61 Listen, I'm not a Kenny fanboy or anything, but it would make so much sense for Clementine to actually think of Kenny being dead. Just saying. Christa and Omid obviously thought that he died, so Clementine asked about him and both of them most likely told her that he did die. It makes so much more sense.

      And please, stop putting so much emphasis on the "teaser trailer". That's exactly what it is, a "teaser". Look at all of the "teasers" and then look at the actually episode when it released.

      .........Not exactly the same isn't it? Telltale loves to fool you guys like that. I know not to fully believe a teaser. And having a shock expression can mean unbelievable, happy, horror, etc, etc. I also think that most people thought it was a more "horror" shock because of the music that was playing in the "teaser trailer".

  • I'm also convinced it's going to be water guy, as he has an appropriate relationship with clem for her to look horrified, she saw him in a near death situation, unlike Kenny, the guy is definitely in the same area as cle, and he is definitely one of the bandits, who we know are appearing in the episode as well.

    In other words, it all fits.

  • Honestly I don't think it's Kenny 'cause Clem said "I thought you were dead" and she never saw Kenny die. #justsayin

    • @acid_bunny

      Listen, I'll ask you this just like I ask everyone else that says that okay.

      "Wouldn't you think that Clementine asked Christa and Omid about what ever happened to Kenny after they left Savannah without him"? I mean, really? Clementine is smart enough to ask that at least. Use your head. It would make sense for Christa and Omid to think of Kenny being dead and telling Clementine that. Christa and Omid obviously thought that Kenny died, so they told Clementine that he did. I've tried my best to make a lot of people think like that, but they just thought their own way. No, there's nothing wrong with that, but people should come up with better theories than just that. "Clementine didn't SEE Kenny die" just isn't really good enough of a theory.

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