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TWD Season 2 Mac OSX 360 Gamepad right stick not detecting

posted by CerebralRogue on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

So far Walking Dead 1 and TWAU detects my Xbox 360 gamepad fine but TWD Season 2 seems to not detect the right analog stick. Left stick works fine, buttons work fine but the only way to move the cursor seems to be to resort to using the trackpad / mouse. Any suggestions? Running OSX Mavericks.

  • I have the same issue. Using Mac OS X Mavericks with Xbox 360 controller. The Walking Dead Season One and The Wold Among Us are working.

    In TWD Season Two I only can use one analog stick, sometimes only the left one, sometimes only the right one. Please help...

  • I'm also having the same problem. Other games have worked fine except this one

  • I received an answer: "Unfortunately we do not officially support controllers on Mac for any of our games. You may be able to find a third party application to fully support your controller. We apologize for the inconvenience."

    So this is basicly what I already do. I'm using the Gamepad Companion from the Mac App Store for Telltales older games (e.g. Back to the Future, Sam & Max). To be able to use the Xbox gamepad for Season Two I assigned the mouse cursor to the right analog stick. That's it.

  • I just bought the game thinking that it had the usual kind of support that Telltale games have for gamepads only to be surprised when it does not once I got into the game. I've had four games so far from Telltale, BTTF, Wolf Among us, Walking Dead Season 1 and now this. This is the first time that I've had controller issues with a Telltale game so I'm surprised to hear that they never supported controllers in any of their games on Mac.

    The wording "not officially supported" to me sounds like if it works it works but if not you are on your own. Which is a pretty lame stance to have in my opinion.

    This may keep me from wanting to play the game as I've become accustomed to using my wireless 360 pad with Telltale games.

    Also I refuse to use keyboard emulation for games. To me that's not a solution. I want to see the controller appropriate button prompts in particular with this game. In other games there are other features you don't get using keyboard emulation (rumble, analog movement for example) but that doesn't apply to this game.

    Playing a game with keyboard emulation on a gamepad and seeing keyboard prompts on screen does not count as full support in my opinion.

    There always seems to be one technical problem or another with Telltale games for me more often than not. Previously it had more to do with crash bugs and little glitches here and there due to OS upgrades or not being able to download new episodes in The Walking Dead Season 1 and now this. They seem to be pretty good at narrative but not at the technical side of things so much in my view.

  • I too am having a similar issue and I don't buy that it's not "officially supported" It should be an easy fix but please resolve it tell tale! third parties have always been weird with games like these. Loved the game, but would prefer to play it on a gamepad.

  • Well, it still works perfectly in Wolf Among Us but not Walking Dead Season 2 last I checked. When I tried to play episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season 2.

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