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Episode 1 of season 2 not very long

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After the wait for the game and the 2+ hours it took to get logged in to play, i was really disappointed with the fact it only took just over 1 hour to finish this episode. Hopefully future episodes offer more content.

  • I agree very short episode. If they were rushing to get it out before Christmas... most of us could of waited for a longer episode.

    With that said any idea we have to wait between episodes?

  • The episode was rushed as hell....really?That's it? And now I need to wait 1-2 months to see what happened after they slapped the credits on my face?The only thing that prolonged the episode is the puzzle I was stuck in at the house for like 20 minutes.

  • Yes it was quite short....But I blame that on the lack of interaction with various characters. Personally I wish episode 1 of season 1 was a bit shorter and paced like this and this episode had the length of season 1's first episode.

  • Does anyone know when S2E2 ( Season 2 Episode 2 ) releases? CAN'T WAIT ALREADY. I JUST LUV DIZ GAME

  • Although I too think it was a bit too short. I suppose that the S1E1 was longer because you started to learn about characters and the world. Although there were many people who knew The Walking Dead, Telltale introduced a lot of new characters. And of course they introduced the world to people who didn't know a thing about The Walking Dead. So you had a lot of options to talk with people and getting to know them and of course getting information about the world. They gave you more time to get used to the 'new things'.

    In S2E1 you know the world, you know the three starting characters and you've already bonded with the starting characters. They just could go full speed from the beginning and this is what they did.

    • I liked the pace for season 1 episode 1. You got to walk around several different maps talking to characters, felt like an actually adventure game compared to interactive movie.

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