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    I took it,but I don't think it will make a big consequence.what I'm wondering is the owner of the watch,I'm guessing it belongs to nick,based on the board game in the room

    • I was thinking more along the lines of Pete given the scenario at the end of the episode; Pete either dies if you chosen Nick or lives with his bitten leg(we seen that scenario play out with Lee and duck and how it ended.) My theory is that if and when Pete dies his family will ask for that watch and if Clem has it they will find out it got stolen since its not there.

  • Personally, I think telltale might reverse-surprise us. and by that I mean. instead of stealing the watch having bad implications and negative storyline stuff.

    I think that instead, if we don't take the watch, somewhere later in the next episode(s), clem(and co.) will stumble upon an event or something. and clem will be like "if only I had a watch", and we the players will be like "ooooh nooooo...."

    .......that said, I didn't take the watch. Didn't find it in my first playthrough.

  • I had Clem leave it. Other than out of sheer necessity (like needing those medical supplies) I thought stealing was out of character for her. Also my guess is that stealing the watch is going to backfire on players who went that route. The group might be able to overlook raiding their medical supplies, but they might be unlikely to overlook Clem stealing other belongings. That calls her character into question.

    • That's how I saw it.

      It was more understandable to get what you need and get out, and I was honestly a little surprised that she wasn't searched by the end of the episode, so I imagine that it'll come up later.

  • it' Kenny watch, i thought so and i took it

  • I did because it could be useful later on in the season.

  • I took it. At the time they were leaving her to rot in that shed. I didn't even think about it. I took whatever I might be able to use later

  • I went to just check it out, and she took it. Didn't want to take it, but oh well. It may be a trap, but seeing as how it's an "obvious trap" it may actually just be useful with no real downside. (if TT wants us to think its a trap" I've been thinking that in a later episode there may be a "trade" type of situation where the watch will be necessary.

    EDIT: I'd be willing to bet that later in the game someone will say they need the watch for some serious situation, and then we will have a choice whether to give them the watch (then get in trouble for stealing but help the person,) or hold on to the watch (not help the person but not look like a thief.)

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