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Season 2 Keeps Crashing Right in the Beginning

posted by HiggsBoson2142 on - Viewed by 815 users

Let me just start out by saying I had to block my screen with my hand to hide the spoilers to make this. I've been excited to play Season 2 for a while. I've been here since Episode 3 of last year. So I waited all day to play this game in the night, and then I finally start it up. Everything's coming back to me, and I'm preparing for some awesome action sequences. Then the Episode finally starts. There's Clementine, and "All That Remains". I see Omid and Christa talking, and they're walking to Gil's Pitstop, and suddenly, it just crashes.

Great, I think. This happened at the end of The Wolf Among Us. No worry. I'll just start it again and get back on track. I start the game again, and it shows Clementine and the title. Then Omid says something and BAM! Crash. I suddenly get confused. AGAIN I boot the game up and this time, go to Graphics. I turn it to low. I was worried the graphics might be too much for my laptop. I start the episode again and boom. Clementine, title, Omid says something, crash.

The funny thing is that the only time it went beyond the first line was my first go at it.

Did this happen to* anyone* else? And what's going on?

(Please. No spoilers.)

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