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My order

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Hiya guys,

I was wondering how things are going with my order: #6822169500.
Please, let me know.


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  • Your order shipped on June 12, and you should have received an order confirmation right around that time - if not, can you check your spam folder? It would have come from a email address.

  • Yep, I got the order notification, but I was just wondering about my stuff. Don't really know how long it takes for stuff to cross the Atlantic to Europe, since with some US vendors it only takes about a week and with others up to a month or more.
    Maybe I seem impatient, but I just can't stand the thought of having to miss out on vintage Sam & Max for another day.
    I hope you understand.:D

  • It can take several weeks -- sometimes even a month or two. I'm not sure why, but packages sent to Europe from our warehouse sometimes travel through other European countries for no apparent reason. They take the scenic route.

    We've had a lot of situations where we send someone a replacement at the 5 or 6 week point and then they get the original package a day or two after we send the new one. Since the hardcovers are limited editions we can't really do that, so we're asking people to wait at least 8 weeks for it to show up. (Hopefully it won't come to that for you, though!)

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