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How long will this game be?

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Second time through, I completed Bone in an hour, which is pretty disappointing. The issue here is that before I part with my hard-given-to-me-by-the-government-to-fund-my-education money on part 2, I kinda need some reassurance that it's likely to be longer, perhaps more difficult, and seem like it's worth buying at the price.

Of course it couldn't possibly be better written and voiced, or more charming, but that's not the point.

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    didn't take long for that question to come out :p

  • Telltale already said it will be longer. But if you want reassurance, your best bet will be to just wait for the reviews to come out and see what they say about the game's length. You can hold off for a week or two, right? And if you can't, well, that means you already bought the game and Telltale has your money now, sucker. ;)

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    I can assure you, you will feel very satisfied with your decision to divert the governments money to us, after you have completed the Great Cow Race.

    Longer, filled with more stuff and more challenging for sure, and the story starts getting deeper as well.

    Thanks for the kind words about the first game as well! We really appreciate your support!


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    I played an "in progress" version of the game about a month ago and it took me four hours. This was without any voice acting, cutscenes, or mini games implemented, which certainly would have added to the length. It's definitely a longer and more in-depth game than Out from Boneville.

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    If the game is between 4-6 hours play I'll be happy :)

  • The game's definitely shaping up to be longer, and the puzzles are more involved and weave between each other in that special way only adventure game puzzles can do. Regarding the length, here's what Emily over at Adventure Gamers said in the preview they posted a couple weeks ago:[quote]I can't begin to guess how long it will take the average player to go through The Great Cow Race, but I can assure you that I played for four hours straight, without cutscenes, mini games, or voice acting implemented, and I didn't quite reach the end.[/quote]

  • Jake, working for Telltale now!? In what capacity might I ask?

    Edit: Never mind. Good stuff. And Tabacco too!

  • [quote]Jake, working for Telltale now!? In what capacity might I ask?

    Edit: Never mind. Good stuff. And Tabacco too![/quote]

    What?!? I didn't do nothin'!

    (Oh wait...)

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    Well, that's good and reassuring. I wouldn't be bothered, but I grew up on good old SCUMM, so finishing games in one sitting without ever really having much trouble with the puzzles really doesn't feel right :P.

    Come to think of it, I actually bought CMI from a second hand games store today...

  • Wow how did I miss Emily posting in here exactly what I quoted from another article? Failure. Sorry about that. shifty.gif

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