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Clementine as protagonist - death unavoidable?

posted by Deventh on - Viewed by 17.1K users

Anyone else gets a cold chills that something bad may happen to this amazing character? I don't want to see her die, really... I know someone may argue something must happen for the plot to continue, but it doesn't have to be always death. Now that they made her grown up by a year and a half almost she is more capable survivor than most mature adults which is no surprise considering what she's been through. Telltale may switch to a different character with different story at the end of S02 if they don't have any other ideas for Clementine other than to kill her. They can always revisit her if they so desire, but just please, as a fan I beg of you to reconsider if you are thinking of killing her. Killing isn't always the answer.

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