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Big problems ! I need help !...

posted by Mick_Chimes on - last edited - Viewed by 674 users

I am playing from season 1 .The first problem I have is in the drug store behind the woman Carly where there is a candy bar /energy bar that I can't grab or select....the icon to grab it when I scroll over it is not there although I have no problem grabbing the other candy/energy bars in the drug store.

The second problem and most annoying of all is when I finish episode one, abandoning the unobtainable candy bar I move on where the episode ends.If I try to carry on to episode 2 the screen grows black.However I can see the inventory with only the fire axe in it..The music/theme song from the end of episode one is constantly playing in the back ground when this happens (which is all the time !).I simply can not move on to episode 2 from my carry on saved game from episode one.

I have tried re~installing the game with cloud saving on and off and I have tried replaying episode 1 more times than I can count (grrrrr). I have tried verifying the integrity of the game cache . I have not moved on from episode 1 !!!!!! I'm using a PC with Windows 7

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