• Did this really need another thread? Does no one search the forums anymore?

  • Look, I saw Kenny's death again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsMurzkzUqg. At 4:28 Kenny disappears. Pause at 4:30/4:31, on the side of Lee's left arm, you see a small figure, with a HAT, running away.

  • I really hope whatever form of Kenny is coming back comes back soon cause this speculation is so old and boring now.

  • By the way, if you don't save Ben, Kenny will be lost inside a building, now that I think is a very probable scenario of which Kenny might've escaped.

  • I'm 100 percent sure it's Kenny, however i want it to be Lilly.

  • He has to come back. How else will they "explore his fate" I came up with a very plausible theory on how he's alive and why he's in North Carolina in these season to meet up with clementine. Go check ou the post I made and please give me some feedback on what you think.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPxjMurr6ms Well my building theory is wrong, we actually hear Kenny dying, so, the alley is the only way he escaped. But, I think there's a way to determine if it was him on the Episode 2 teaser. If you don't save Ben, I wonder if Clem still says: "I thought you were dead.". So, the theory that the person is Lilly is plausible.

    • This, if you let Ben die, you'll see Lilly in episode 2. If you let ben live, you'll see Kenny in episode 2. (I think)

      • Would love it if that's the way, making our choice count however...

        why would having Ben lives or dies, make Lilly choose to come to this area or not. :D

        • I have no idea. I'm gonna make a gameplay of Episode 4, and not save Ben, and see if that makes difference on Season 2. If Clem still says, I thought you were dead, then I have absolute no idea.

          • She still says it. I dropped Ben, and she still said "I thought you were dead." I honestly don't see how he could have survived the alley. If anything, in the building we hear him still fighting, while in the alleyway it sounds like we hear someone getting pushed down. Plus, since walkers are coming from both directions in the Ben scene, I can't see him getting out of that. The building theory holds out hope that there was a door he managed to get through somewhere. I'm still placing my money on him surviving the building scene and not the alley scene, IF his appearance is determined by whichever one he got.

        • Maybe Lilly always meets that group, but if Kenny sacrificed himself to save Ben then he would meet Lilly and probably plot and kill her because that's the sort of thing he'd do. Then if Kenny dies in the building, Lilly isn't murdered.

          Yeah, I don't see that happening either, but a boy can dream :)

    • last words were "i'll be alright"

  • There were plenty of windows for smashing in the ally scene so he could of easily got out of there, the room in the Christa one also had windows. It was black in that room and we didn't see the whole of it, how do you know there wasn't a door? I'm not saying its likely for Kenny to have got away but it is possible.

  • Heres my proof that I think Kenny will come back

    If Kenny saves Christa, then Lee says that: "hes dead", as Christas will believe so. later in season 2 when you have Christa and Omid, i'm pretty sure Christa is going to tell Clementine that Kenny is dead, or she will notice after..you know..ONE and a half year passed after Omid's death.

    She will be horrified, shocked because if it is Kenny, she will be surprised of how much he could survive for nearly 2 years on a zombie apocalypse.

    Also heres another proof that he shows up in 2 different models in a hex editor Alt textAlt text

    if 1 and a half year passed, then Kenny must changed, there's no way he stayed just like the same on season 1 years ago

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