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Why I hope Clem finds Kenny Next Episode

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"I thought you were dead...." What does this mean? Who's she talking to? Kenny? Christa? Lilly? That bandit guy who likes water?

I hope it's kenny. Here's why;

The whole time I was playing episode 1, I just felt sooo fucking bad for clem. All by herself, being locked in a barn and near people that are hurting her.

I just wanted so desperately to have someone she knows and trusts to take care of her.

Who else can do that but Kenny?

Lilly and Clementine probably would have some trust issues for obvious reasons.

Christa is a broken down mess not meant to take care of Clem on her own.

Kenny knows how to keep his family safe. He knows who Clem is, and she can trust him.

I just need somebody to take care of Clem.



  • How can Clem trust him? He was the guy that--unless you spent the entire game kissing his ass--hems and haws about rescuing Clementine from an abductor. (And sometimes he flat out refuses.) He does this for no other reason than spite. (To get back at Lee if Lee didn't agree with him all the time.) In fact, Kenny seemed to display a shocking lack of concern for Clem. (Which was kind of weird, considering you'd think he'd transfer his concern of his family over to Clem once they were gone.)

    However having said all that--and I can't believe I'm saying this--I'd take the return of Kenny as implausible as it would be, over any of the group collective we've been introduced to in season 2. Carlos alone makes Kenny seem like a combination of Einstein and Tesla.


  • Not knocking on your idea or anything but why does everyone assume Clem needs somebody to take care of her? Being completely dependent on someone, especially in an ZA is a quick way to get killed. Pretty much my final speech as Lee was telling her she could make it on her own.

  • How do you know Kenny will be a good guy ? There's a high chance that he turned into a bad guy just like the comic book Governor in my opinion and that would be awesome.

    Carver = Kenny's second in command ?

  • The most amusing part in all of this is that on the older forum (for season 1) there was a thread I believe with over 1,000 posts about how everyone hated Kenny. And with do justice. For four and a half episodes Kenny was portrayed as a quick tempered, irrational, selfish and unlikeable character. He does one heroic action and everyone wants him back. If they do reintroduce him I guarantee he is still the character telltale painted him as in the first one. Then all the threads will pop up "Why did they bring Kenny back?" "Kenny is a Jerk" etc

    • I disagree. I disliked some of his decisions but I didn't dislike him. I liked that not everyone was sucking up to Lee.

      • I liked the conflict it added and even when I didn't side with him, Kenny had some logic backing some of his proposals such and I could see where he was coming from. I still called him out on the ones that seemed bad and gave him hell for being willing to leave a little girl to WHO knows what because he disagreed with an entirely different person.

    • Kenny did more than just one good thing, you know. He had plenty of good moments. And if they bring him back, he won't be the same as he was for the middle part of Season 1, he'll be more along the lines of the Kenny we saw just before and during his final scene in Episode 5. That was a major point of characterization for him, why would they throw that out?

      • I dont dislike him either in the sense he was a good character for the story but saying because he did this one action in which he sacrificed himself for Ben (which I guess according to people who think he's alive, he didn't) all of a sudden he'll become a better person? That doesn't make sense. It would suck if Kenny came back and didn't act like Kenny. Might as well introduce a new character.

        • Agreed. I could see him acting remoseful about what had happened and not being entirely out of the sad-mustache gutter but I wouldn't buy an entire personality overhaul springing from what happened in Savannah.

          In the vein of sacrifincing himself for Ben: You could say he still intended to do that and did use his last bullet to spare Ben from what he feared the most but ended up finding a way to come alive (I don't know, the sewer system like Lee?)

  • Christa is a broken down mess not meant to take care of Clem on her own. Kenny knows how to keep his family safe. He knows who Clem is, and she can trust him. I just need somebody to take care of Clem.

    Two things: 1) Kenny, if he's alive (and I sincerely hope he's not, because it would be INCREDIBLY implausible to the point of being distracting and irritating) would be JUST as messed up as Christa, if not moreso. Christa's partner was shot and it's implied that she lost her baby, perhaps during childbirth. Kenny's wife committed suicide shortly before he either has to shoot his only son in the head, or have someone else do it for him. He spends most of the rest of the season tormented, and one of the reasons he sacrifices himself as a distraction to save the others is because he has no reason to live now that his family is dead. If Kenny's alive, he would have a TON of issues. If you guys really like Kenny so much, isn't it a better ending to believe that he died sacrificing himself for the good of the group?

    2) I'm sorry, but I'm sick of people talking about needing someone to take care of Clementine. I understand that part of it is spending so much of Season 1 as Lee, needing to protect this fearful little girl, but Clementine isn't a little girl anymore. We taught her how to use a gun, we taught her how to maneuver socially, and we taught her how to be brave, cunning, and strong. Nobody needs to take care of Clementine this season. Clementine can take care of herself, as evidenced by this first episode, wherein she gave herself STITCHES and then IMMEDIATELY killed her SECOND ZOMBIE that day! She's perfectly capable of getting by without having some adult holding her hand all the time, guys.

    • I prefer Clementine as her own primary protector and her in turn taking care of other people. You help out each other in a group, naturally, but there's no point to the survival training in her character developement if it's going to be discarded for a stand-in Lee. The House Group thinking she's a little girl and needing protection, sure, that's beliavable but by now, Clementine has learned how to be her own savior against walkers. Like you said, she know how to use a gun and she knows how to sew up a wound and deal with the agony it deals.

    • You deserve more likes. I agree that Clem is on the way to be a capable survivor, she doesn't need a guardian anymore. I'd like to see Kenny again, but I don't think he'd be in a healthy mental state after the events in S1.

  • I kind of want kenny back now (i didint originally) purely so his fanboys will STOP. Like saying they were trolled because Nick looks a bit like Kenny in the trailer....

  • I didn't like Kenny from season 1. I didn't trust him. He deserted me on multiple occasions and I got the impression that he didn't give a crap about neither I nor Clementine, or that he was a selfish least until his final moments in season 5 where he went out in a blaze of glory. I much preferred Lilly.

    With that said, I hope he makes a return in season 2. Not as the Kenny we remember, but as a torn, broken, ruthless murderer with nothing left to lose. The death of everyone anyone's ever cared about is enough to push anyone over the edge, so it wouldn't be out of bounds for Kenny to return as a bandit. Secondly...there's a rule. No one is ever dead on TWD unless we SEE them die. I'm fully expecting both Kenny and Lilly to return.

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    Flog61 BANNED

    My Clementine would have just as many trust issues with Kenny and she would with Lilly.

    They both murdered someone in front of her.

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