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Ugh... I don't like this new group.

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Where have good characters gone to?! I was so excited to meet a new group but when I started playing, I was truly disappointed! Every character in season one (maybe except Larry) was likeable. But now... Ugh.

I wish there were decent females too. Rebecca? What a bitch. I miss Carley so much:/

  • You see, you judge too fast. Actually they are not SO good because it only episode 1 besides i think Luke, Pete, and Alvin are amazibg and totally have my trust! The best is Luke. He reminds me of Lee. But there always has to be a bitch (Rebbeca) and Nick is kinda do then think dumb guy. And Carlos, well he is overprotective and that pretty much sumarizes it!

  • i agree with JandroMan. There are some characters that are likable. There might not be as many as in season 1, but it's more realistic that in a random group, there are as many assholes as there are nice people.

  • I think that these new guys will get more fleshed out in the next Episode. One thing Episode 1 really lacked was the chance to get to know these people, making them seem uninteresting to us. Personally, though, I'm interested to see what happens between Nick and Pete later on (assuming Pete survives), and what Alvin will do once the he knows the kid isn't his.

    I don't really care about any of the others at this point.

  • I mentioned before that choices will be somewhat similer too season 1 and they were. The group also seems to be similer to season 1. You got the agressive "defending his daughter, you're the worstest piece of shit" - Larry "Typea guy" The "Everyone has to listen to me now or you're an asshole" Kenny "typea guy" The "Innocent" Child Duck "typea guy" So on and so forth. If you still dont believe me, compare the last choice of S1 Ep1 to S2 Ep1 and still tell me there's no similarities in choices..

  • Its two years into the apocalypse and trust is slow to come. Give the characters a chance. There were at least three likable characters that I saw, Pete, Luke, maybe Sarah and even Alvin as bullied as he was by his wife, is a nice guy.

  • Nick was just sad because his mom was bit and died. He apologized. Alvin is nice if you go to his window and funny. Luke cares about us and he's nice. Pete also cares about us and trusts us. Carlos can trust us but can also be rude. Rebecca is a bitch yeah. And Sarah wants to be are friend.

    So you have your facts all wrong only 1 or 2 of them are rude...

  • fuck that pregnant bitch... and that doctor... WHY THE FUCK would you shelter your Daughter during the zombie apocalypse!? and who would fucking lock A INJURED LITTLE girl up in a shed?

    • Since we don't know enough about there story and carver I wouldn't judge

    • I would. But I'd patch up her arm first. Really, if they'd just disinfected and patched up Clem's arm, I would have been fine with waiting patiently in that shed. But nooooo, we had to do it the hard way.

      As for sheltering his little girl, Carlos shelters Sarah because he was apprarently able to. Lee would have tried to shelter Clem too if he could, but there was no way that could have worked given the situation. Carlos, on the other hand, was able to keep his daughter alive, healthy, and so free from trauma that she thinks having her dad be disappointed in her is "the worst." For 2 goddamn years into an apocalypse. Say what you will about his methods, they fucking work!

      • He needs to prepare her though. Chuck's wisdom helped Lee realise that. Good methods or not he needs to teach Sarah

        • Lee was out travelingwith Clementine to an unknown location alongside a broken man who's lost his whole family and a dumbass teenager. They were in constant danger and could be killed at any time. Carlos and his daughter were holed up in a cabin with a sustainable food source and at least 3 other adults who could take care of her if anything were to happen to him. And he was a doctor. The dude was set.

          • so that means the dude can just baby his kid forever? FROM ZOMBIES?

            • I'm just saying that apparently it's working for him just fine. It's been 2 years into the apocalypse and Sarah still hasn't seen shit. I don't know how he does it and I don't how long it can keep going but the score right now stands at:

              Carlos: 1

              Zombie Apocalypse: 0

              He's done far, FAR better than any other parent or guardian figure in the entire series. So who are we to start lecturing him on how to raise his kid in an apocalypse?

              • He is doing great but anything could happen. If Carver is so scary that he could be sending little girls as spies or saboteurs then train Sarah. If walkers are so risky near their cabin then train Sarah

                • That's why he doesn't want Sarah interacting with Clem at all and why he doesn't let her so much as peek out of the house. He doesn't need to train Sarah to deal with risks because he does everything he can to make sure that the risk never gets to her in the first place. And it's been working spectacularly so he sees no reason to switch gears now. Don't fix what ain't broken.

                  • Carlos isn't going to be there forever. Why not train her in case? It's too risky. If anyone like the Saviours steamrolled through, this group would be screwed. They need to be ready for anything

                    • If the Saviors steamroll through, the group would be screwed regardless of whether or not there's a 15 year old girl who knows how to use a gun.

                      • The point is every little helps. Clem being trained and coming to Crawford saved Molly. It can save Lee too. If Lee was this protective of Clem and never trained her, she likely would've been screwed when he was killed or after Omid and Christa weren't there. Every kid deserves the chance to learn that kind of thing in that kind world

                        • If Lee was this protective of Clem and never trained her, she likely would've been screwed when he was killed or after Omid and Christa weren't there.

                          I agree completely. And if Carlos were in a situation like Lee's and doing this, I'd call him a dumbass. But he's not. He's in a situation where he can keep his child happy and let her be a little girl instead of becoming a hardened survivor. And for Clem to tell him that it's the wrong thing to do when she knows nothing about his daughter or situation seems a bit presumptuous to me.

                          • Mine didn't tell him he's wrong. With someone like Carver out there it seems foolish not to consider the possibility though. Hopefully the fishing scene will change his opinion when Nick, Pete and Clem tell them

              • because it's the fucking apocalypse...?

                • And he's been owning the shit out of it doing whatever he's been doing. Clem's alive, but only by the skin of her teeth and the experience has hardly been rosy for her. Meanwhile, Sarah reads sci-fi books by candlelight in the comfort of her own room. If I've been keeping my daughter alive and well for 2 years into an apocalypse and another little girl who my group had to rescue from the brink of death comes along and lectures me about how to keep my child safe, I'd scoff in her face.

  • I like 'em. They are written pretty well. But maybe I miss there nice woman, too :)

  • Luke and Pete are okay. I guess that most of them will be killed off anyway. Hopefully some of the 400 days characters will appear instead as they're a bit more likeable.

  • I like Luke, Pete, Nick and Alvin (maybe Carlos). They're my bros xd. Fuck Rebecca being MEAN TO OUR CLEMMY CLOO!!!

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