• Considering he got shot directly in the head by the exact person who thought he was dead, for me I doubt it.

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    Herodriver BANNED

    he was shot to the head,or chocked to death

    who do you think he is? deadpool?

  • You could shoot him? I must've forgotten :E

  • Well Lee could choke him to death than leave to reanimate or shoot him in the head

  • In my playthrough, Clem shot him in the head. You can't come back from that. I would say your theory is plausible if those who choked the Stranger had seen the "I thought you were dead," scene, and those who shot him didn't, but that is not the case. This mystery person is someone who is guaranteed to be alive across all saves, because we all saw the same scene.

  • Here's what I think might happen:

    Telltale said that season two would have more story branching. I think the "I thought you were dead" person is determinant. If Lee choked Campman and did not shoot him, then I say he might very well be one of the characters it could be, but the mysterious person would have to have a role similar to Carley/Doug where s/he'll only have a few lines. Maybe Campman could be out looking for Adam (his lost son) for a majority of the time. If it's Kenny, maybe he's mostly drinking or chatting it up with Nick/Pete (depending on your choices) about hunting/fishing. If it's Molly, then she could be out looking for more medicine supplies. Who knows.

    I personally think Campman was one of the most interesting characters in season one and if he's not one of the hopefully determinant I-thought-you-were-dead character then I'm gonna be kind of disappointed. Well, either way I wouldn't get him because I had Lee shoot him. :P I'm just hoping that if Campman really is deader than dead for everyone then I hope that we at least find Adam somehow... maybe if it's not determinant then the mysterious person could be Lilly and she ended up finding Adam after she got left behind/took the RV and she's been trying to find his family this entire time (like Lee with trying to find Clem's parents), but then Clem would tell Lilly that everyone in his family is dead.

  • Oh for fuck sake...... Alt text

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