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400 days impact into season 2 (Leland/Roman/..)

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Hi all,

So there are a few unclarities for me that perhaps some of you can clear up;

I missed it the first time around, however I now saw that Roman is part of the corpses that wash up during All That Remains. After snooping around on the Wikia page, I read that Leland was likely, or it's implied atleast, to have been shot by Roman? Also I read somewhere that one of the bodies that washed up look like Leland? So that would mean the mysterious group that were after Bonnie and Leland were Roman's group? The one's that we have encountered in 400 days? Or has Roman ditched/killed his other group and found another? Possibly the ones who have washed up there?

Roman was working for Carver then perhaps? (altho this is speculation on my part). And where does Leland's group fit in, why was Roman and his group chasing them to begin with?

I don't know, still alot of vagueness for me but perhaps some of you can help me connect the dots..


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