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O_O! Season 2 goodies galore!

posted by Rather Dashing on - last edited - Viewed by 776 users

Wow, sometimes staying up until the ungodliest of hours(3 AM) isn't such a bad thing.

A Season two DVD, case file, and soundtrack! And yet another tempting poster print of the, if only I had the SPACE for such a thing.

I must The packaging of the Season 2 DVD COMPLETELY outdoes the cover for the season 1 DVD, which is a VERY strong compliment from a guy that thought the Season 1 box art was amazing. And the Season 2 case file...I *must* know what's inside! The "original LP recording of the Friendly Demon Song"....that can't be an *actual* record, can it? It must be some sort of not-record...thing....

...I can't *begin* to express how excited I am. I'm going to be staring at that tiny case file picture until either we are told what's inside, or I get mine.

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