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Any chance of a second season?

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I know, it probably won't happen, but I'm still interested in seeing a second season of Back to the Future, especially if Telltale does the whole "this game becomes tailored to your choices" thing.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I also think that a "tailored choice" Back to the Future would be interesting. The first season used a really easy version of Telltale's old point and click adventure gameplay back when they were trying to figure out how to make their games more casual, but the choice gameplay would fit the story they were trying to tell a lot better (especially the consequences from time travel).

    As for a Second Season, it initially seemed like they were teasing one from the end of Episode 5, but as of now it seems like Telltale's focus is on more dramatic series so I don't know if we will get a new Season for a while.

  • i would cry enjoyment, for some odd reason i love BTTF game

  • The game was good but I wouldn't get your hopes up because they're working on the walking dead season 2, the wolf amoung us and they're also developing a game of thrones game and talles of the borderlands.

    • i always get my hopes up because hope keeps me positive, and even if what I hope doesn't happen it's not a huge disappointment because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter, at least in regards to video games.

      and I know what they're developing. That's their 2014-2015 schedule. Past that is yet to be filled.

  • This was also one my favorite Telltale releases, didn't expect much when I started but really enjoyed it all the way through. I think it was a really good balance of casual gameplay and story. I hope to see more "casual" games like this in the future as I can't get into the more serious series very much...

  • I liked both this and Tales. And I wish that they wouldn't end on cliffhangers when they have no intentionof continuing the series. That is one thing I don't like.

  • A second season would be awesome! Especially if, as I hope, Marty would travel into the future this time! I wanna see (more) flying cars, hoverboards, and other high tech future goodies :)

    But I think Talltale sees the big bucks coming from dramatic, difficulty-free games these days. Seems the days of humorous , challenging adventure games from Telltale, are long gone. Very happy to be proven wrong tho!!

  • There is another hint at a second season. On a Back To the Future The Game facebook page (not sure if it is the official one or not. I think it is), there was a picture posted with the Back To the Future the Game logo and under it, it had a little arrow in BTTF style saying Part 2. So there are 2 hints pointing towards a season/part 2.

  • I just finished it! I actually applauded. I just couldn't help it. What a fantastic game!

    As a long-time adventure game buff, I admit I thought it was a bit too easy. It had, as so many games do in the console era, a tendency to lead the player around by the hand, which I thought was odd for a game with a built-in hint system. That said, the ease of the puzzles doesn't detract from the sheer fantasticness of the experience. Thank you, Telltale!

    I also was thrilled when I saw the "To Be Continued" at the end, just as I was back in 1985. Of course, the wait for the second movie was interminable, and no one ever thought it would happen... I have a suspicion the game developers had a little symmetry in mind when they put that in there. So I shall continue to hope for a continuation here as well!

  • I would love to see some more new episodes, but I agree with what someone said earlier about them being too busy with the Walking Dead and other games. Its all good though. I'm in no real hurry to see them, but being a big fan of Back to the Future, I would love to see how it develops. I thought the first season was great, if somewhat easy.

  • I loved the game and would love a second season! BUT I think ending on a cliffhanger, knowing that they have no intention of ever making a sequel would be the perfect homage to the original movie, since that is what gale and zemeckis originally planned.

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