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Season 1 crashes instantly on startup

posted by Greenlight711 on - Viewed by 286 users

I beat season 1 a while ago, so I'm hopping back in to play 400 days then season 2. However, for some reason, the game crashes instantly upon start now, saying that "thewalkingdead101.exe has stopped working." I've already applied a "fix" before where I changed the compatibility settings to windows 98/me, however it's not ideal because it then causes the game to stutter frequently (something to do with 98/me only using single core and such). Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks

  • I am having a similar issue. I just bought the game and tried to play it, but the mouse cursor changes to the ring telling me it's trying to load the game but then nothing happens, so I tried compatibility mode, still same thing, then my xbox360 pad turns off as it's been inactive and bam, the game works. So I quit and tested that the 360 controller was causing my PAIN and it indeed was the gamepad, so now if I want to play this game I HAVE to use the keyboard and mouse otherwise the game won't launch.

    Please fix this Telltale.

    Windows 8 (up-to-date on updates) AMD FX 8120 8 core CPU AMD Radeon 7970 8GB Memory 2TB Western Digital Green Drive 128GB OCZ Synapse Cache Drive (SSD with Dataplex installed) Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad

    Hope this helps you out Telltale.

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