• If you have any questions or want to help me notify TellTaleGames about these serious issues in the game series that has me and many others who love this franchise worried and outraged about It's future and what has happened throughout the game. Just comment please I'd highly appreciate that. And if you can repost this thread or help get this message out to TellTaleGames and other gamers I'd appreciate that even more. I know people who've cried and have actually been emotionally hurt because of these issues in the game. And some have made youtube videos about them. Me and other gamers who have been worrying about this classic legendary franchise are just trying to save it by fixing these issues and maybe even getting a DLC that fixes them. Thanks

  • This isn't Mass Effect, love interests aren't one of the main facets of The Walking Dead.

    The emotional turmoil that can result through what happens in the game is what makes it good.

  • "Why would you kill off your main character?! RAGE ONE O ONE ONE ONE" Because this is the walking dead, noone is immortal, save for Rick who Robert Kirkman has a boner over aparntley. It's not The Clem and Lee show, everyone will die. It's just a question of when.

  • This guy has some serious messiah complex

  • They're pressing buttons... and certainly a lot of yours.

    Calm down dude, reading you is like a screaming donkey would (if it could write). ;)

  • Did this

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    pop off in the middle of your post ?

  • Alt text

    I mean... Fuck... Dude, there aren't many things wrong with season 1, and the few things that are, are not listed here.

    Season 2 isn't so great, but again, not for these reasons. Having a fucked up world is exactly what Telltale wants, and most of the shit posted here is artistic design, and if an artist changes his art so some may like it more, then it isn't fucking art.

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