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Questions about season 1 box set

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1. Can you play the episodes in any order you wish? I was just wondering because I already played 104 on Steam.

2. Is it still easy to find in stores? Where would it be better to look, game stores or department stores?

3. I just wanted to be completely sure of this; the games aren't on a DVD, and are played on a computer, right? I've read there's a bonus DVD in it or something, I'm kind of confused about that, sorry if I sound stupid.

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  • 1. Yes, although the overall story makes a little more sense if you play them in order. Oh, and don't play 106 until you've played the other 5.

    2. Depends on what country you're in. Couldn't hurt to check. And you could always try Amazon, or get the Telltale version from the store on this website.

    3. Retail package either has a DVD or 2 CDs in it (depending on your country). Buying direct from Telltale gets you a downloadable version plus you can order the Bonus DVD (which contains all the games plus extras) for the cost of shipping.

    If you play from the CD/DVD version (either), you have to have the CD/DVD in your drive while you play (anti-piracy measure). If you play the downloadable versions, you need to authenticate them online once per install (i.e. if you install the game on multiple computers, you'll need online authentication for each one - same account name/password, of course).

    So there's lots of options, and it's just up to you whether you prefer to get the Retail box or Telltale's version directly.

  • Thanks for your answers. I mostly understand, but define play. Play as in beat or just play them?

  • Play through the end. It may not seem like it, but there IS a story that goes through the whole series, and it's a very good idea to not spoil the end(106) before you've gone through the ones before it.

    But yes, the answer to your question, you can go through episodes 1 and 3, skip the free 4, and then go to 5 and 6.

    I personally prefer the direct from Telltale version. The cover is far nicer, it's not in that big cardboard box(which I despise in PC game packaging), and the direct from Telltale version comes with nicer extras(in my opinion).

    The differences between the two sets of extras are complicated. The big cardboard box has a fold-out mini poster, if you're into that kind of thing.

    I'm not. =p

    EDIT: Oh, but I think you can save a FEW bucks on the ugly cardboard box version. If you can find it for a good bit less than $25(what you'll end up paying for the season + shipping direct from Telltale), then that's a factor to consider.

    Also, remember that if you buy the whole season and get the DVD, you get access to all the downloadable episodes. So you can download episode 1 of season 1 and play that while you wait for the disc to arrive.

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