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Calvin and Hobbes!

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I think calvin and hobbes would make a great point and click adventure game! Ride the toboggan or sled, solve mysteries, throw water ballons or snow balls, bother suzie, fight your evil bicycle, AND MORE!!!! If you think this is a good idea or if you have any ideas to post please, hit me with the feedback!:)

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  • DO'H!Why didn't I think of that!Any ways, that is a GREAT idea!

  • While it would be pretty sweet, isn't it near-impossible to get the license for Calvin and Hobbes due to the creator not wanting for it to be mass marketed apart from books?

  • Hey you forgot the Time traveling, battling evil clones, being a P.I, transforming into animals, I could think of a great case for him!
    Episode 1:

    Normal day in the neighborhood, Calvin is having another hellish day in school, like always imagination takes it's tole, Calvin goes to the water fountain only to find that he's in space as Spaceman Spiff
    after the cutscene ends you have to get off the planet. After you get all the parts from around the planet a giant ant attacks you and as it starts to attack you the cutscene goes back to the real world where your teacher is holding you upside the shirt dragging you back to class, after school Calvin gets Hobbes out of his locker and leaves school, you and Hobbes go to that pond/lake thing and decide what to do next. Once you've looked around Hobbes will say lets go for a wagon ride, only to find that Susie has stolen it, you and Hobbes must rescue the Wagon before nightfall.

    Back at Calvin's house you & Hobbes go to get some things out of the basement but Calvin's mom makes him eat dinner so you play as Hobbes, so you go to Calvin's room and collect the items inside his drawer but as Calvin comes back the door slams shut and the monsters drag Calvin & Hobbes under the bed into their world. Inside the Monster World you find yourself dodging the never seen monsters, after walking through the city you find your missing water balloon maker, of course the monsters surround you. As Calvin & Hobbes panic they accidently drop a balloon on the ground and discover they don't like water, so let the fun begin! After you beat them with water balloons you leave the city and head on down to the basement, inside the basement you are faced with the challenge of finding the nasty smell down there. Once you find the smell you take the smelly item and leave the house and onto Suzie's house. At Suzie's house you mix the balloon with the smelly item and throw it at Suzie's house, Suzie has no choice and gives you back the wagon.

    It's getting dark so you quickly go down that long hill, but your clones come in as the worms they were and destroy the wagon's wheels causing it to fall off the main hill and into a dark forest filled with mystery and horrors. The Forest is dark and cold and all your items have been destroyed along with the wagon.. again so what next? You walk for a bit and find a Hobo sitting by the fire eating beans, Calvin of course joins the Hobo leaving Hobbes to find the way back home. Hobbes finally finds the way back but Calvin is being chased by the clones who were worms but are no longer worms anymore, they're lions.. Enter the classic Bone chase scene! finally you outrun the lions and get back home, unfortunately they're waiting for you outside.. Calvin then says to himself what would T.B do? what would T.B do? you are in the classic P.I's office to figure out how to get rid of the lion clones.. you can only move around the office so you do what you do in there. Finally you figure it out and drop your own DNA on the cloning machine CONGRATS! you figured out the first plan to kill your clones. Secondly you need to go to the bathroom but the monsters are down there and you're out of balloons so what should you do? you use the cup that your mom put next to you on the bed and scare the monsters off. while Calvin is going to the bathroom Hobbes has his own fantasy. You are now in the jungle as a explorer, your faithful friend is locked in a tomb and evil tigers are everywhere surrounding the way out.

    What should you do? OF COURSE. You put throw the idol to distract them and rescue your buddy from the Tomb, #2 done only 1 more! Calvin & Hobbes both have a dream together as Pirates. You are Captain Calvin the deadliest Pirate in the sea, you are surrounded by sharks and your ship is sinking leaving you only on the poop deck so what should you do? You then pour oil all over yourself and jump at the sharks, the sharks hate oil and poof away, you can now kill the lion clones! After Calvin & Hobbes get everything they need they throw the Cloning Machine down and give them a little statue to distract them then you throw oil and your DNA on the machine suddenly all the lions poof away except one, the evil bully Moe from school was actually one of the clones! he starts pounding on the house and makes it start to crumble down, Hobbes & Calvin then create a robot with a remote control. After the robot gets down it punches Moe out and the Robot explodes, the police come and take him away. Calvin & Hobbes then high-5 and go to bed.. then the camera goes out the window and shows snow coming down...and a evil snowflake follows.. The End

    And so the Edited nicer hopefully version is out!

  • Too..much...story!*head engmsmsplode!*

  • Oh gee, yeah, this is a GREAT idea. It was even GREATER when I suggested it on a comment in the blogs.

  • @Decho said: While it would be pretty sweet, isn't it near-impossible to get the license for Calvin and Hobbes due to the creator not wanting for it to be mass marketed apart from books?

    It is. Bill Watterson(Creator of the comic duo) made the decision about two years into the strip's run that he didn't want to merchandise. Calvin & Hobbes is his and his own, and frankly, I respect him for that. Even more frankly, I agree with him. I don't think that Paramount Pictures, Disney, or even Telltale games should be working with the franchise. He created a ten-year work of art, and further media would only diminish its beauty.

    Poast-bite for those of you who don't want to read that: Calvin & Hobbes game: NOT happening. Ever.

  • Awww, I agree, but I was hoping for a game...

  • I feel the need for another case.
    Episode 2:

    At the close of the last Episode, it was snowing which brings us to Episode 2.
    Calvin wakes up in a bad mood only to find his day turns worse when he looks out the window and can't see anything, the entire city is covered in snow, higher then The Twin Towers! Calvin gets up and the
    case begins, he goes downstairs to have breakfast but his Mom & Dad forgot to go to the store and because of the massive Snow Storm Calvin has no breakfast. Where is Hobbes in all of these miss-vents? he's locked in a closet which somehow got locked in the events of Episode 1, so Calvin must unlock the door.

    You talk to your Dad and discover that the only way to unlock the closet is to find the key which is in the attic. Calvin has a fear of the attic and only goes with Hobbes, so you go up to the closet and tell Hobbes that you can't get out without him going to the Attic, Hobbes tells you to get a picture of him and take it up there, so you do and you walk up to the Attic, in the attic is old trunks and lots of stuff. You find your old Time Machine covered in oil and DNA (Episode 1) so you hop on the Time Machine get your goggles and head on back to the events of Episode 1. You arrive in the Living and you hear the Robot being created, you then head upstairs to see how the closet locks, The Robot goes comes out of the room but trips like in Episode 1 and hits the door knob.

    Unfortunately that causes the knob to break and loosen it. You wait for a while and Hobbes come out of the room to get some food but trip on the loose rug and falls in the closet causing the door to slam shut, you go back in time to where you get in your bed. You fix the rug so no one will break the knob, so you head back to the future and wake up the sleeping Hobbes who fell asleep in the closet, your Adventure begins now so you go downstairs and figure out how to get outside. Hobbes feels as if he lost something in the basement so you go down to retrieve it, but like the last time there is something diabolical in the basement and it's under the floor. Hobbes is the only one strong enough to break the floor board, the creature is a blob of goo from 5 months ago dinner.

    The Blob wants to be like normal food and be eaten but no one in they're right mind would eat.. that so the blob holds Hobbes hostage until Calvin decides to eat him. Calvin goes upstairs and finds a can of pea soup next to The Smelly Item, the soup of course is 6 days old and smells really bad, but what now? You walk to the fridge and finds moldy cheese, you go downstairs and combine the items then you throw them at the Blob. The Blob starts to rumble and explodes creating a massive explosion that opens up all the side walks in the City so they can now go outside :). Outside is just as normal as ever except for the giant snow wall covering the entire city, so Calvin can only travel around the sidewalk.

    You walk to Susie's house who is holding Calvin's largest shovel, Calvin asks for the Shovel but of course Suzie won't give it back unless he comes over to play with her, Calvin as of always doesn't want to for 1: he doesn't have time and 2: he really doesn't want to. You walk over to to the Pond/Lake which is completely covered in snow like the rest of the city, but there's metal object sticking out of the giant wall of snow, you try to pull it out but it's stuck, so you go back to the neighborhood. You Walk to the School which is also blocked, but there is a snow man near the blocked wall, Hobbes wonders how that was built so fast but Calvin shrugs it off and goes back inside leaving Hobbes once again to figure out what to do next. You as Hobbes can only go to the Calvin's house and Suzie's, you go to Suzie's house who like Calvin can see you as a real person, you ask Suzie if you can get something from inside the house, Suzie says yes to anything Hobbes says except about the shovel.

    You walk inside and get a long stick, you walk out the door but Susie holds you hostage to get Calvin to play with her. You go back to play as Calvin who is at the Morester's house (new characters) you leave the house and walk over to see Susie's house who is gone but the shovel is left all alone, you take the shovel but Susie yells at you from the roof, Calvin says didn't think you can outsmart me huh? But Suwie shows him Hobbes who is tied up and gagged, you want to save Hobbes but you don't want to go in her house. You walk to the pond/lake and dig up the metal object which is actually a modified version of your water balloon maker, which in the snow is a super snow ball launcher, you take the heavy launcher over to Susie's house and yell through her window, she opens the window and you fire it at her she crys and throws Hobbes down, she then says that she hopes that a Demon Snowman comes to life and kills them, this of course causes the snowman sitting at the end near the walk to the school to come to life and Attack Calvin & Hobbes, they run into a corner and are trapped, Hobbes pushes Calvin into the snow and jumps in with him they then use the shovel to dig back to the house, but by the time they reach the house the shovel breaks and the tunnels collapse.

    The door that leads inside their house is locked and the snowman is coming closer they scream making it happier so it goes faster and jumps at you. You & Hobbes wake up inside the snow that was dug out and make like a house, you & Hobbes look at yourself and discover you've turned into Snowman, you leave the room and go to your house but your mom pulls you inside, you & Hobbes are slowly melting, your quick walk (like Sam's in Season 2) is even slower so you have to get to the freezer before you melt . You make it to the Freezer and shut the door, you then have a imagination burst and you're in Alaska. Your old bodys are on top of a mountain guarded by a Bear you have to get up, you then sneak up and get your bodys back.

    Your imagination ends and you are no longer snow people so you go outside to stop the snowman who has made a army of more evil snowmen. after you freeze them with the hose the entire snow wall forms into a giant snow monster causing all of the snow to combine into the monster, you then are faced with the final challenge. You find a Icicle on the ground and take it, Hobbes then throw you in the air and you enter the giant beast. Inside is thousands of snowmen who are more powerful now that they're inside a freezer. After you defeat the snowmen you find the heart of the beast and stab it, the creature melts and the City is saved yet no one even noticed.. typical, Calvin is then called back to school leaving Hobbes to have fun in the house. As Hobbes goes into the house someone steps in the puddle that the was once snow from whom the creature melted from, the person then puts the puddle in a bucket and walks away with the evil puddle..The End
    lol lets do it some other time! :D

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