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Is TWAU not getting a 2nd season?

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I was just wondering because TWD & GoT are described as a multi-year, multi-platform, multi-title while TWAU and Borderlands don't have that license...

  • TWAU may end up being a multi-year title in its first season alone if it keeps on the way its been going.

  • I doubt it honestly

    TWD is their bread winner and obviously they would be stupid to let it go so we are likely to see plenty more seasons of that but for Wolf I just don't see it. Don't get me wrong i'd much rather see Wolf Season 2 compared to pffhhh borderlands really? Who asked for that there are already Borderlands games and the story isn't all that rich for any of them. The way I see it is Tales from Borderlands with go into full swing right after TWD Season 2 ends since they are using some of the same team (so I've heard don't shoot me) and with the Wolf team onto Game of Thrones. Now although I do want to get into Game of Thrones in general i'm not sure how a game will work based off the show....guess i'll have to get around to watching it sooner rather than later.... ANYWAYS to the point. After Borderlands I obviously see that team going back to do TWD Season 3 while after Game of Thrones we will likely either see a 2nd season of that or something else entirely new ( I doubt they'd want two recurring franchises at the same time) they'd likely want to keep things fresh soooooo HONESTLY I doubt it but it's nice to dream.....of my sweet Bigby <3 maybe 5 years down the line if Telltale is going strong they'll look back to their past work and say "hey let's do this one more time" :)

    • I have high hopes for Borderlands. It doesn't matter to me that the setting doesn't have a rich backstory. The backstory for TWD was "suddenly there's zombies". There wasn't any justification or explanation for them, and the setting itself is a stock one that's been done to death. TT took that cliche base and built a thrilling, compelling narrative on top of it. I expect they'll do the same for Borderlands.

      (And the fact that the game was announced after a Borderlands character showed up in Poker Night 2 made me wonder... could Brock Samson's appearance in the same venue be a hint that there could be a chance at a Venture Bros. game in the future? Because I think if that happened the awesomeness would make my head explode.)

    • Borderlands has a very rich backstory. As someone mentioned, TWD barely has any backstory at all. It's about the characters anyway and oh boy, Borderlands has plenty of nutters to choose from.

  • Here's to hoping. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new I.P's that Telltale has attained. Sure, I would love a second season of TWAU, even more-so than a possible WD season 3 (ugh...), but I've heard that GoT has a "multi-year, multi-platform" license. A second season for that is likely.

    We'll just have to see how well TWAU S1 does.

  • If TWAU S1 does well, then it's guaranteed even if takes 10 years.

    The way i see it, they'll finish TWAU first, then TWD S2, then Tales of the Borderlands (WTF?!), at the same time as Game of Thrones (Much better).

    Then they're going to roll back to TWAU.

  • I think the title should be " Is TWAU not getting a 2nd eposide ? " Alt text

  • I sure hope so. TWAU is bar none my favorite I.P. Telltale has so far.

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