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Commercial Stereotype

posted by Tandy 400 on - last edited - Viewed by 201 users

Okay, everyone knows the commercial stereotype, right? The slow voice, revealing that the person is reading something. These Gold2Cash advertisments are COMMERCIAL STEREOTYPES.

WOMAN: (slow voice, stopping for a second between each word, eyes moving as they read something) I had no idea th-that I could get so much money from the Gold2Cash system! I got my check in the mail the very next day!

MAN: Look through your old gold jewels and send us old gold chains, wedding rings and other gold items. Our Gold2Cash system is so fast and easy and direct, which means more money in your pocket!

OLD LADY: (same voice as the first one) I'm so glad I went to Gold2Cash! They're awesome. (long, uncomfortable pause) (gives a thumbs-up)

I just want to smack all these people, they're such bad actors. Stuff like that actualy drives me AWAY from companies like that. And who is going to send in ther wedding rings? Really?

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