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Does a child like Clementine really exist?

posted by nasmadoodle on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users

Is there a child like her out there? I mean really! (season 1 Clementine). She is so respectful, kind, adorable, quiet, sweet, caring, etc. I just love her so much! :)

season 1 Clemmy obviously now she has a differet choice of dialouge , but she is still sweet!

  • I don't see that happening. Look how well the new generation is doing! Alt text

  • I REALLY like this game and its characters and can't wait for more!!

    That being said, the "I wish Clem was real" threads and the "I wish my kid was like Clem" posts are very creepy.

  • Many kids are already respectful, kind, adorable, quiet, sweet, caring, etc. What makes her really stand out is her precociousness.

  • I don't know any other 11 year olds that could survive on their own in the zombie Apocalypse.

  • No most 11 year olds are not willing to steal supplies from adults, sew up their own arm with a needle and fishing line and beat adult sized walkers brains in with hammers. Let alone, any of the crazy stuff she did as 8-9 in season 1. Most 8-11 year olds would die horribly and early on.

    Is this not the answer you were looking for?

    • Did you not read my bold words that said season 1 Clemmy

    • It's weird to think most of the kids in TWD universe are dead.

      • Yes...yes it is. If you watch the show, its almost the same thing but with more kids. Sophia was dumb though. She was 11 and got attacked less than 10 minutes!

  • Several days alone in tree house surronded by walkers would make anyone quiet and respectful to other alive humans.

  • Careful, while you're typing this Clem is sneaking up behind you with a meat cleaver. ;)

  • No, she's not really a realistic depiction of an 8 year old child.

    Not that I think is bad or anything, since it wouldn't be half as interesting if she acted like a real 8 year old.

    I find season 2 clem more believable than season 1, believe that or not. With 2 years of experience and with the adult guidance she's had, it's not too hard to believe a kid would harden up and learn some things that the kids we're used to would never be able to do.

  • All kids are annoying. Even Clementine had her moments when she wasnt being an angel.

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