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HR Wiki forum?

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Just curious, anyone know why the HR wiki forum has been closed for a week?

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  • According to the discussion on the main wiki page, it sounds like an admin prank gone wrong or something.

  • Now, why didn't I think to look at the main site?

    Wikis confuse me. :p

  • Rammy made some silly word filters and Ace bumped an old thread. They had their powers taken, and every modmin ever logged on and locked the forum. That's my understanding of it, anyway.

    EDIT: As posted by extremejon...
    "Ramrod added a few word filters and messes with the forum order for laughs, temporarilly.

    Every admin in the world logs on, panics, thinks they're being hacked.

    crap blows up, Ramrod and Ace lose their powers in aftermath"

  • Wow, that seems like overkill, but whatever :)

  • Yeah, seriously. Oh, and here's how I know: Ace and Ramrod... is somewhere in Random Thoughts, I think... But, it would take about five hours to actually find it...

  • [quote="noid"]For fun, head admin Ramrod wants to mess around with the forum with mod's knowing. He messes around with the word filters a little bit and changes the forum order.

    - Somebody alerts the KB admins, thinking it's a spam attack/terrorist attack/purge (again)

    - Ramrod is de-admined with the KB admins believing his account is being "compromised", similar to The Purge that occured on August 17th, 2007, when an old mod's account got hacked.

    - Lots of arguing goes on because they de-admined our only active admin

    - StrongRad, a forum admin, locks a thread for us to cool down. Acekirby, a moderator, unlocks the thread because discussion is important.

    - Somebody (probably IDC, not sure) demods Ace, saying he unlocked the thread twice. It's unknown what really happened. Logs say he did, but Ace persists that he did not.

    - They lock the forum (because they don't want to listen to us, it seems)

    - We forumers argue with Stu on IRC and eventually migrate to a replacement forum

    - Ramrod and a lot of others, including myself, plea for the forum's return. IDC criticizes his plea, calling it blame-shifting and getting mad because he was referred to as IDC

    - Furrykef, another well-liked mod, is sick of this and resigns from his position. Stu, a head KB admin, also has resigned, but nobody's really quite sure what happened there (at least the ones without mod or admin powers are)

  • Wow.

    Not even the Bush Administration is capable of such epic failure.

    My hats off to them. Screwing up that badly takes talent.

  • ^ Today's experiment (major epic forum meltdown) . . . BIG SUCCESS.

    (Nah, not even Excel Saga is *THAT* weird... if this weren't reality you just couldn't make it up, I'd say...)

    np: µ-Ziq - Gruber's Mandolin (Royal Astronomy)

  • Three cheers for internet drama!
    Hip hip... FAIL.
    Hip hip... FAIL.
    Hip hip... FAIL.

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