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How did you first find out about HSR?

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I know a lot of folks around here are on the edge of their seats waiting for the game to release... maybe we can distract you for a few minutes with some HSR nostalgia? :D

I'm curious to hear how everyone first found out about (and how long you've been following the site). I first learned about them when Peasant's Quest came out. I had just started writing for Adventure Gamers, and my first assignment was to interview the Brothers Chaps about the game. (Little did I know, four years later I'd be part of the company making a game with them... karma is weird!)

Also, I once caught my boss at my old job watching Strong Bad emails in her office when she was supposed to be working. We shared a moment over it.

Anyway, how about you? How long have you been a fan, and what got you into it?

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  • I've been a fan since 2002 when I was introduced to H*R by my High School English teacher (no foolin'). She like it because finally somebody was fighting "the war against horrible internet language." She was an odd duck though, told us she'd dock us points if we used a spell checker, and somehow she always knew when we did...

    I saw this one first, and I've been hooked ever since. I was cemented as a H*R fan when they worked with my favorite band.

    Well, I'm distracted.

  • A friend of mine works for the state, and thus has loads of time during the day to look around the internet. He would always send me links to odd sites he found, and one day he sent me a link to this strange cartoon guy who answers e-mails. I was instantly hooked.

    There were about seven emails at that time. I've come a long way with Strong Bad. :)

    And having played every Sierra game (Conquest of Camelot is still my favorite), when Peasant's Quest came out I very nearly shed a few tears of joy. :D

  • I was a huge Sierra fan, too, which is why Peasant's Quest appealed to me so much. :)

    [quote]A friend of mine works for the state, and thus has loads of time during the day to look around the internet.[/quote]

    Something about this just seems so wrong...

  • When I heard about this game :D

  • Curiosity got the best of me when a bunch of references to Strong Bad started showing up around the internoobs.

    Funny thing is, I didn't much care for it at first. I guess I caught a bad episode or something. But I came back to it after awhile, and I went on to watch almost every video on the site, some repeatedly. :p

    Only reason I haven't watched everything on the site is because they don't update often, and I like knowing that there is unseen content still waiting.

  • I don't know exactly how I first encountered Homestar Runner.

    But I do know that I possibly wouldn't have found out about Telltale without that site.

    I know I was at the site when Peasant's Quest got added to the website. And it was Peasant's Quest that opened up the world of Adventure Gaming to me. I mean, I may have played similar games before. But Peasant's Quest was there at the right time to get me to play it and gain an appreciation for games of this type. I gained my love of Adventure games from a free online spoof, which is a bit sad. But it's true. I've since played through a lot of adventure games from Sierra, LucasArts, and Infocom. But it all started with disk 4 of of 12.

  • I vaguely remember going to the site around the beginning of it (I was really young.. like 1st grade?), but I thought it was weird (it made no sense to me), and missed out on a few years of awesomeness.:(
    Then in '06, I went over to my friend, and he was drawing this odd characters in his sketchpad. He told me where they were from, and I decided to take a look at the website. I watched a few toons, and I started cracking up. I later found the sbemail feature; my first sbemail was ISP. I watched it over and over, each time I laughed harder. Pretty much ever since then, I have loved all he stuff the Chap. Bros. do, and I am absolutely stoked about SBCG4AP!

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    Shauntron Telltale Staff

    In 2002 a fellow poster on a Flash animation forum blew the whistle on some guy plagiarizing HSR cartoons, which I hadn't seen. I wound up getting hooked on the real deal.

  • I was introduced to it by a friend during my early high school years, simple as that. I remember myself as being a pretty big follower of it after that, but it was probably years between Telltale's announcement and the last time I'd regularly visited it. (I want to say that even when Peasant's Quest came out, which momentarily renewed my interest, I was like, "Hey wow, I remember those guys!") Obviously, when the episodic series became public, I took another trip down Homestar lane.

  • i found it back in 2004 yet i didn't think much about it, i played like 1 game and watched 2 toons and decided to come back the next day, sadly this didn't happen :( but thanks to Telltale i've been reunited with it!

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