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Vince's Brother

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I was wondering about Vince's brother in 400 days. I don't think he is dead, since Vince said "I helped my little brother... he was in trouble... I had to help him out". It doesn't sound like he is dead, but in a dilemma with other folks. Who is he? Is he the guy in season two in the preview of episode 2 with the other guys? It looks like he could be Vince or related to Vince. Post a comment and tell me what you think!

  • maybe it glenn because remember that vince was from macon just like glenn and when vince was running you can see the drugstore so

    • No, it's not Glenn: You would have to watch the show/read the comics to know what happens to him. To make Vince his brother would destroy any proper cannon.

      • It wouldn't. Glenn doesn't mention his family much. There isn't anything contradicting it

        • I doubt Telltale would make Glenn his brother anyhow.

        • Right. As far as I know Glenn maybe mentioned his family once in the same way to Rick that he did to Lee in Episode 1. I haven't read back in the comics that far in a long time, but I know that if he does talk about his family, it's only once. It wouldn't destroy any canon. It would be somewhat interesting if it was Glenn's brother, but at the same time, I would feel like Telltale was just doing that just to do that. I'm honestly be fine with Vince's family tree never being mentioned again.

          • It'd depend what they do with it. I mean we know Vince and Glenn can't reunite, but if Vince is in S2 and it's ever mentioned, Clem could tell him at least that she met Glenn and he was headed to Atlanta years back. Could be some fun little conversation. If he isn't Glenn's brother, it's good either way. Could be he knew the Everetts though so if anyone mentions Macon it could be some fun convo too

  • For a moment i thought i was the guy in the preview,considering Vince is expected to be in episode 4 but I dont know,Maybe we will never see his brother,Telltale likes to make this pointless connections and never explore them(Vernon's brother,Lee's wife,etc)

  • Can someone find an image of Vince then the guy with the hood in the episode 2 preview?

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