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Season 1 Episode 4 won't start: Black Screen with movable cursor

posted by Jexx21 on - Viewed by 219 users

Win 7 32-Bit GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB Core 2 Duo 2.14 ghz 4 GB RAM Downloaded from Steam

Details: Had issues with Episode 5 not applying data from Episode 4 properly and stuff being screwed up. Figured my save was corrupted. Deleted save in-game, deleted save data from files. Restarted, got to Episode 4. When I try to start up Episode 4, it's a black screen with the movable cursor, and never switches to the loading stage. Figured it was a faulty install, first ran the cache to find any missing files, none were there, so I deleted and re-installed the game. Problem still persists with the Episode 4 issue. I have my saves and system prefs backed up (not my initial ones that I deleted, but my new ones with Episodes 1-3 completed).

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I went through some of the files, didn't edit anything. It seems like the issue could be with a prefs.prop file in TheWalkingDead104?

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