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The Dog Scene

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I'm disgusted and appalled. How dare you ruin the game for me like that. I'm never buying another game from your company again. Ruined my whole damn evening. I hate you.

  • Why? Do you not like seeing animals get killed or something? I mean much worse things happen to animals on a day to day basis then what was portrayed in-game, I thought It was an intense and sad emotional experience that I didn't even see coming. I liked the dog a lot and was very sad when it died but that doesn't make me hate the game.

    • What kind of sociopath likes to see animals getting killed? Because worse things happen to animals on a day to day basis is WHY I don't need to see it in the games I play.

      Besides, it didnt make any sense whatsoever. It was a pet that was used to being fed. it played fetch and was docile around clem. Telltale just made the dog go beserk cause they dont have a clue how real life works and in the process ruined a perfectly good game.

      I have no problems if a person dies in a game, chances are a person had it coming.

      Animals are innocent (and children) which is why you don't do this sort of thing.

      • Animals are innocent? Oh the ignorance! Please, stop playing the game and go live in the woods for awhile. Animals are not innocent, they are vicious, disgusting, horrible creatures. I have pets, and I like them, may even say I love them, but they are animals and are nothing more than animals. I will care more about what happens to an animal than a human when they have sentient thought. Until then, though, I want more chicken.

      • Children and animals are innocent. Wtf? Wow let's base a whole game on one quick meaningless scene. Get over it. It's just a videogames dude. Get off here while your at it. People don't need or care about your negative comments. Bye now.

        • agreed, the scene was meant to show "you're never safe in this world, even your closed ally will turn on you at a moments notice if you have something it wants" the issue was to have you ask "how do you react" do you let the little beast suffer for attacking you, or do you show mercy either because you are still kind or because you know it didn't do it out of malice and why let it suffer?

        • Guess she didnt mind the parts when walking dead were eating children and adults... :P

      • And I'm guessing the animal DIDN'T have it coming after almost killing Clementine?


      • are you mentally ill? you've watched shows where people get ripped to part. killed for no reason or just plain tortured. But watching a dog die, that is "TO MUCH" The dog didn't go "berzerk" it was starving. you ever try to take a food bowl from a dog while its eating? Even the most docile dog will snap at you if not growl the moment your hand hovers near. You have a very moronic and childish outlook on the world. And if the zombies ever did come, you'd be in a sad state. "i can't shoot that dog thats mauling me. its someones pet!"

      • Ever eat a hamburger or eggs?

        They had to die oo...

      • I thought it made plenty of sense. The dog had been living without humans for a long time and was starving.

        All the options for Clementine had her do something that could invoke food-aggression, even if you willingly share the food the dog gets overeager and Clementine tries to take it back to prevent it from eating all of it, which provokes an attack because she is taking away his food.

        Many seemingly docile dogs turn quite crazy when you get near them while they are eating and there are actually quite a few kids getting killed every year due to dogs suddenly turning on them because they unknowingly breached their boundaries, like touching their food.

        Animals are never malicious like a human might be but the term innocent doesn't really apply either.

      • youre right a dog justdont atack you like this

      • Are you kidding Vangaluss? They killed Duck you know, and he's a kid....

  • Don't be a big baby. Nearly your entire group dies in season one, seven people all together, yet you're worried about ONE dog?

    Oh, I'm sorry, lets make The Walking Dead completely age appropriate. Let's make sure that nothing dies and everyone is happy, that is such a fun game mechanic! Yes, a completely harmless environment with no intensity whatsoever! In fact, lets replace those lurkers with kittens! Yes! The Walking Kittens! No swearing or naughty stuph either! How fun and emotional for a choice game!

  • You are sad about the dog dying (understandable), but you are more put off by that than all the dead people we see in this game? Pathetic, go back to PETA, I'm going to get me some chicken.

  • Your anger just means that TellTale done their job of invoking an emotional response extremely well.

  • "You don't kill dogs" - Luke

  • Remember when that woman shot that teenage girl in the stomach with a rifle, though? That was pretty rad. Shame they had to ruin it with a scene of a little girl kicking away a dog that viciously attacked her and then mercifully putting it down when she saw that it was suffering.

  • This is totally a troll thread! Vangallus just joined today and started this only discussion! He/she is either a troll or a pissed off customer that joined this thread and created one about the scene expecting that we give a shit!

  • On a completely serious note, thank you so much! This post made me giggle and smile the entire time.

  • You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    They should have just made sam the main character anyway.

  • People have been complaining about this scene since this episode came out. Although the scene killed me it was not in vain. The whole idea with Sam is two things:

    1. They needed the new group to think you were bitten, since you spent like half the episode trying to convince and survive the group. The whole bite incident was the central conflict in episode 1.

    2. It shows how the world has changed to the point where a dog would back stab you for a can of beans. I thought it was symbolic showing how selfish humanity has become and now you don't know who you can trust. Ironic since dogs are supposed to be the most loyal animal on the planet (I could be wrong about that though).

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