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A review on what we have learned so far

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To date, we the loving fans of Telltale games have learned several things. As such, I am making this thread so we can review to occupy our brains. That is this topics only function, I (the original poster), would greatly appreciate if this is left on-topic. I have the hopes it will last as a discussion until release date. What we have learned can come from any source material because it your own personal experience. That includes the dev blog, Telltale Blog, internet sites and even personal conclusions as long as it is not a proposed idea, there is a thread for that. I'll start.
The thing in question is:
What have we learned about SBCG4AP?
*We have learned that Telltale is working very hard to make an excellent game based on the cult classic
*We have also learned that Strong bad is a not-so-bad guy who is perfect for an adventure game.


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