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Why Shel Knows Carver (Determinant)

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When you are playing as Shel , If you decide to kill Stephanie Shel stays with her group , And when we see her in the Epilogue she talks about how staying in one place makes you an easy target , Then Russell talks about how vulnerable and dangerous Gils Pitstop was , Well I think if you do stay with the group there is a possibility Carver attacks them , and thats the reason why we found Roman dead in Season 2 , Its obvious they had a bad experience because they don't even mention Roman or the others when talking to Tavia she just states how dangerous every place is , Even the timeline makes this a very possible outcome to that situation , I guess we'll find out but one thig is for sure Shel and her group were attacked by someone , After what we've heard so far its safe to think Carver might have been involved

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