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What games have you played?

posted by TelltaleTakesForever on - last edited - Viewed by 254 users

Wondering what other games members have played since episode 1 came out (3 months ago). Since then I've played...

GTA 5- Somewhat over hyped, but very enjoyable. Online was a huge mess tho.

Frogger Returns- Don't ask why...

Sound Shapes- Unique experience with a great soundtrack. If you have a playstation, give it a try.

TWD 2- Self explanatory

AC4 Black Flag- I'm a AC fan boy so I thought it was good. Didn't expect to enjoy the pirate stuff as much as I did.

ICO- This is suppose to be a classic?, just no.

Uncharted 2- Just started it, and cant get past the first chapter without it freezing. I'm pretty pissed.

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