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Why the Person thought to be Dead could be a Girl

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If you go back to the moment in which Clem and Christa got separated , There is something odd that maybe a lot of you didn't notice , the group of guys is not asking Christa for food or water , They didn't ask for ammo or supplies either , All they kept asking was "Where the rest of the group was" for some reason thats all they cared about . Well I personally think all those guys in the river might have been from their group as well and they were looking for Carver , and the reason they bugged Christa is because there are more Woman in Carver's group than we all Know and they'd think a Woman and a little girl would not have survived out there by themselves with Carver in that whole area killing anyone he sees . Is it Lilly ? Very likely , Its just somethig that came to mind you guys can make your own conclusions

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