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The Worst Games You've Played

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I'm sure that all of us here play video games to some extent (I mean, this is the forum for a game developer), and I'm certain that all of us have, at one time or another, run into games that are really, really bad. So, I want to know- what's your personal worst?

I've gotten pretty lucky with games in the past, but I'm going to say Shadow the Hedgehog. It wasn't even that bad, just mediocre and kind of stupid. Nowhere near as bad as Sonic 2006, that's for sure (I haven't played it, but I have seen it played through).

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  • I have three:
    1.Friday The 13th-NES (Worst Ending, Horrible game-over.)
    2.Nightmare On Elm. Street-NES (I'm sorry, but they screwed up big time.)
    3.Sonic Next Gen-XBOX360(Slow, and the camera makes it look as though sonic is high on crack.Or the programmers.Hard to tell.But that little Elise "thinking" about sonic...yeah, whoever made this was on drugs.)

  • Aquaria!

    Well, not the worst, but it was pretty boring, and too unfair in parts. And the developers seemed to go nuts any time anyone dared put in a bad word for the game on their forums, even if it was things like "Don't space out your save points so much, it's making it nearly impossible to play".

    I couldn't really say what the worst of the worst games I've ever played are, I usually do a good job of avoiding bad ones. Rugrats Search for Reptar was pretty terrible though, seeing as the game lasted less than an hour. Crash Bandicoot 4 was a disappointment too, wish they'd just let it die after Naughty Dog moved on.

  • i have a bunch but i'll keep it short

    1: Sonic Fighters (sorry i bought it)
    2: Spongebob: Atlantis Squarepants (they failed terribly, i finished the game in 2 hours!)
    3: James Bond: Night something (it was sucky)
    4: Namco Museum Remix (to much motion, all you play is pacman)
    oh and Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twoonkies, don't get me wrong i liked it but it crashed ALL the time!

  • Few people will probably have heard of it -

    Genestealer (PC)- set in the Warhammer 40k universe. You're a Space Marine terminator trying to fight off aliens. Impossible controls + a first level where you die repeatedly while trying to defeat a single alien = fail. Seriously, I know I'm bad at FPS type games, but this one was ridiculous.

  • Oh, I forgot two:
    Milon's Secret Castle-NES(NO other weapons besides a very close range bubble.It's to hard to kill the FIRST BOSS with them.And how was I supposed to know that I had too push a block to get the required bouncy shoes or whatever?)
    Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun(Sheesh, each enemy race's whole infantry has the same face, WAY too shaky, no check points.Big pile of crap.)

  • Lands of Lore 3.
    It would have been good if it hadn't been rushed. It had more bugs in it than Leonard Steakcharmer's stomach.

  • GTA 4. What? WHAT?!

    Actually I haven't played it.

    I don't know what the worst game ever is.

    I'll just go with E.T.

  • Well, I take "Battletoads in Ragnaroks World" as my worst game ever played, just because it's unfair. It was only two Years ago that I finally get through the third level (and I bought the game, somewhen in the early 90's), just to realize that it won't stop being unfair to me. If I keep this speed in advancing to new levels, I will finish this game somewhere in the 2030's, if my Gameboy doesn't fall into peaces before that.

    By the way, the most dissapointing game I played was "Nerverwinter Nights". I don't know if it also sucked so bad, if the german voices were done by professionals, and not just by four(!) random people Attari (or whoever was responsible for that cruelty) picked up from the street in front of their office.

  • That's a toughie, since I've played hundreds of indie freeware games from the early 90's. (If you've ever owned "Game Empire" Vol. 1, 2, or 3, you know what I'm talking about)

    But as for the worst professional game, I'll have to go with Mortal Kombat Special Forces.

  • The first graphic adventure game I ever really tried to play was Sierra's The Black Cauldron ... and it was really bad.

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