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Memory Game

posted by Ugly Bird on - last edited - Viewed by 672 users

While we all wait the nearly 37 remaining hours for the release of SBCG4AP, let's all play an awesome and fun Strong Bad Memory Game! Okay? Okay!

Here's how it works: First, I'm going to go ahead and go to and hit the "random email" button. Then, I'm going to watch that email and pick an obscure but distinct quote from that email and post it here. When I do, the first one to tell me the name (or basic concept) of that email (from memory) wins!!! If you win, then it's your turn to watch an email, pick a quote, and make the rest of us try to name the email it's from.

Whoo!!! Sound like fun? Good.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go watch an email.

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