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TTG registered trademarks

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I found something interesting. I did a search on trademarks, under Telltale Games. It came up with these two trademarks. Is Curious Affairs a name of a future game?

Potted Palm Productions
Curious Affairs
Select Trademark/Search. Then change "Field" to owner name and type Telltale Games.

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  • I doubt that they would tell us. They're pretty tight lipped. For good reason, I'm sure.

    Also, I checked that out, and next to the "owner" line, it says this:

    Owner (REGISTRANT) Telltale Games Inc. CORPORATION MICHIGAN 2223 Pierce Flint MICHIGAN 48503

    I don't know if it's the same company, unless they have an office in Michigan. Um... for tax purposes...? Hehe.

    Also, I looked at it some more, I think those guys make "board games and role-playing games."

  • I personally find the idea of a game based on 'Potted Palms Production' to be incredibly interesting. Imagine it now...
    PLANT the palms
    WATCH them grow
    GIVE them sunlight and water
    SELL the plants
    SPEND the money on more plants

    On a more serious note i suspect that Curious Affairs probably isn't a game title. I reckon that Telltale are probably spending all their time and money on Bone just for now ( and hopefully Sam 'N' Max someday ).

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